ISS Module Installed
Data Base Established
Bootcamp Completed
Quantum Communication Network Operational 
Sleeper Cells on Standby
Funding Insufficient
New Fire Ignited

All systems are go – Matrix Corpus standing by


Matrix Corpus






Sometimes – to build something new, we need to tear down something old.




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  1. Matrix

    In mathematics, a matrix (plural matrices) is a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns that is treated in certain prescribed ways. One such way is to state the order of the matrix.

    Applications of matrices are found in most scientific fields. In every branch of physics, including classical mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, and quantum electrodynamics, they are used to study physical phenomena, such as the motion of rigid bodies. In computer graphics, they are used to project a 3-dimensional image onto a 2-dimensional screen. In probability theory and statistics, stochastic matrices are used to describe sets of probabilities. Matrix calculus generalizes classical analytical notions such as derivatives and exponentials to higher dimensions.


    A collection of writings, conversations, speeches, etc., that people use to study and describe a language

    A collection of poems, paintings, songs, etc.

    Human body

    The entire structure of a human organism.

    Physical body

    An object in physics.

    Body plan

    The physical features shared by a group of animals.

    Synergetic Revolution

    Ain’t just show biz
    When you know your biz
    People keep sayin’…

    Keep up the good work!

    A generation
    People keep sayin’…

    Keep up the good work!

    Now you’s provin’
    That your groovin’
    People keep saying…

    Keep up the good work!

    Strength and compassion
    In everyones’ action
    People keep sayin’…

    Keep up the good work!

    All your sharin’
    Respect and carin’
    People keep sayin’….

    Keep up the good work!

    Ain’t just show biz
    When ya know your biz
    People keep sayin’…

    Keep up the good work!