MIT Class Day 2

29.01.2013 MIT Day 2 (Dr Mitchell Schwartz)
The course started one week before I arrived at Boston, all though there was only 2-3 days of course the week I would visit I choose this week because it was my belief that there would be a higher probability I would be shown a real working reactor. I also reasoned that the most “hardcore” visitors would be the ones who attended both weeks. Unfortunately my gamble did not pay out because there was no public demonstration this year, however a fellow blogger Jeremy have video recorded the entire class.

Thuesday was a touch down on the r-Evolution of “Nanor”, experiments with Infra Red heat emissions as well as a reviews of 10s of spreadsheets with compilled data from years of experiments with the Nanors / Phusors.


Nanor : Nanostructured quantum electronic device

Nanor® is a dry Cold Fusion Cathode made from Zirconium and Palladium that comes “pre loaded”. Dr Schwartz and Prof Hagelstein created to accelerate Science. It gives much higher COP (out put energy) because it creates a electric field that is better suited for Cold Fusion / LANR experiments.

Electric fields draws the Deuderons towards the Metal (Palladium). The Deuderons will either go into the Metal (WINNING) or rise upward with the gas bubbles (FAIL)

Nanor material is similar to Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Chocolate would be the Zirconium. In it is pellets they is made of either Palladium or Nickel.

To make one Nanor costs 100 000 dollar today but Dr Schwartz would like to see the price down to 100 dollar in the future. A patent application has been filed and Dr Schwartz is currently waiting for a reply since the time for the application office to answer have expired.

(The Phusors are much cheaper to make, they use Noble materials but not Nano Technology, the nobel metals in a Phusor is “only” worth 3500 dollars)

At this point there is 6 models of the Nanor and the outpoint excess energy is about COP 40.
Dr Schwartz is working on the idea of a “bigger Nanor”. The Nanor does not seem suitable for energy production today but more so for research applications.

“There is 3 ways of producing Cold Fusion”, the NANOR is a pre loaded dry system with no need for Water all though heating Water is used for doing measurements of Excess Energy.

(When asked about Athanor experiments Prof Hagelstein had never heard of them)

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Nanostructured material is very difficult and dangerous to handle, store, control, contain, load & activate so the Nanor goes around this because it is made Hermetically sealed and entrapped. Thanks to this the systems are Portable. .

Production of electricity directly from Nanor:

WHY: Ultra Clean Source of energy with low operating costs, robust design and high efficiency.

Output would have to be higher than it is today. If they produced a self sustaining system to power a light bulb than that is a very good proof of concept to convince skeptics. A Thermal Electric Converter would be incorporated to the technology but a big problem when designing this is the loss of energy, basically their system is leaking energy everywhere and this is something that need a lot further work. Mr Hagelstein pointed out that ALL THOUGH hard, it is possible and refers to the work of Piantelli who has a device that can run self sustainable for months.

“often I see a flash as I loose a thousand dollars equipment
I blow down a lot of equipment….” / Schwartz

Summary Nanors: Complex electrical properties. High electrical impedance at low voltages. One of the most important technology that exists on the planet but still require a lot of additional funding and cooperation with large companies for increased Research & Development.
Dr Schwartz provided me with a large amount of information about the Nanor and I will try to compile all this information latter on to write a large more serious report about this revolutionary technology.


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The (Un-)Dead Scientist Conundrum

A common statements towards Cold Fusion / LANR is that if Fusion really takes place scientists witnessing the experiments should be dead from Gamma Ray Emissions / Deadly Radiation.
Prof Hagelstein explained that it’s a miss conception and not a mystery at all: “ITS ALL IN THE MATH”
The Helium is produced with very low kinetic energy and the wave lengths are very long and goes into Infrared. The radioation in these systems drops with a factor of 18.

The reason a live demonstration was not performed this year @ MIT is because they are currently doing GAMMA RAY readings on their NANORS. Preliminary data shows that the NANORS give away the same radiation levels as a Banana Peel. Actually, measuring the emissions is very hard because its so low emissions that the Potassium in a human body interferes with the experiments through creating to much “noise” giving problems determine the exact amount of Gamma radiation.

Heavy Water is a protector in it self from emissions and the loaded Palladium protects and makes sure that Helium 4 is born with very low energy.

THIS IS NOT D + D Fusion like in the text book, this is a new process: “just do the math, there is no anomaly here” / Hagelstein.
After the course I was doing some networking with other energy enthusiasts and scientists and was invited for dinner and hang out with a fellow bloger where we discussed ways of promoting Cold Fusion Technology.


“We where working in the lab when we should have been celebrated getting drunk” / Dr Schwartz

“Hard work builds character” / Prof Hagelstein

“Pain Is Only Weakness Leaving The Body” / Dr Bob

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  1. Hi Bob, welcome back to Europe!

  2. If you say its all in the math
    Please provide the math

    • Dear Tofu,

      I like being challenged!

      Before I spend my precious time on trying my outermost doing so for you, let me ask you these 2 questions:
      1 If I provide you with a scientific paper with the theoretical calculations, would you be able to crunch the numbers?
      2 Can you do something for me in return and what would that be?

      What will it be?

      Best Regards

      Your Friend: Dr Bob

  3. Himanshu says:

    Ruby wrote: UPDATE! – February 2 The NANOR used in the open MIT Demonstration is a ZrO2-PdD Cold Fusion/LANR solid state quantum elocertnic device – now ongoing for five days straight! Can you please elaborate on this update? Was the demonstration that was held on Monday kept going throughout the week, including today (Friday) that would be the fifth day? Peter Hagelstein has replied to email from me and others that Dr. Swartz reported (presumably to the class) on Tuesday that the energy gain level achieved Monday was actually 14 (conservatively reported in Cold Fusion Times as greater than 10 ). Has that level, 14, remained constant throughout the week?I presume that Dr. Swartz will update his website with complete details of this 2012 MIT demonstration, like he did for the 2003 MIT demonstration. In the meantime, why not post a request for any students that were there to come forward for an interview, so we can find out more details sooner?


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