The Mozzarella Mafia of Italy

I really hate Mozzarella – Seriously!

I went to a business dinner today with some Italians.
Not a good idea!

The only thing they wanted to speak about was Mozzarella and I don’t even like Mozzarella.

Now I know everything there is to know about Mozzarella!


* The perfect temperature is 21-25 degrees

* The mafia uses the Agricultural Industry and especially Mozzarella production to laundry money from illegal activities

* Mozzarella coming out of southern Italy is supposedly superior to other cheese because of  the “pasta filata method”


I could not care less so I tried very subtle to steer the conversation away from Mozzarella but nooooooooo


Apparently I had to try Mozzarella the day after it have been processed because that’s when it reaches its optimal point of freshness.
We are in Boston – who cares about Italian Cheese!!!!

Its safe to say this was my worst business dinner ever.


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Dear Camorra Mafia and other idiots out there:

Please stop adding toxic waste and deadly chemical waste into our drinking water and our fertile lands.

What you are doing is not cool!
You should stick to selling drugs – that way you wont intoxicate innocent people unaware of the risks with Italian Cheese

Surely you don’t want your kid, your wife or your family to get sick because of illegal waste dumps?
Neither do I!

If you wanna speak about it I am here for you!

Its never to late to change …. but serious not cool! 


Love / Dr Bob


“The head of Italy`s biggest producer of Mozzarella cheese, nicknamned “the Mozzarella King”, was arrested recently after being accused of producing contaminated cheese receiving money from the Camorra Mafia.”
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[Updated 11/02/2014: I received critique for writing about Cheese and Mafiosos instead of science and Cold Fusion  - I would like to point out that my latest Cold Fusion Device article generated 3000 page views in a day while this Mafia article generated 22 000 page views in one day. ]



One Response to “The Mozzarella Mafia of Italy”

  1. Mozzarella is wonderful if you cook it the right way
    I am not expert on Buffalo mozzarella but the if you dont like the mozzarella its because of the acidity 4-5 SH or pH 6.6 -6.7 Or coagulation was to short or to long : perfect is 45 minutes with pasteurized milk and 48 for raw milk.

    extract 3/4 with sh 10-12 and ad hot whey at 50 C

    Now you can let it rest for a few hours and then coagulate with lower ph and higher sh – stretch with water at 90-95 C

    It is not true that the mozzarella in southern Italia is a toxic.

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