Nanor Technology at MIT

I managed to attend the last day of the IAP 101 Class for Cold Fusion at MIT in Boston with Mitch Swartz and Peter Hagelstein. It seems I had not missed out a lot the other days. Since I am studying Cold Fusion on a day to day basis, not much of the information was new to me, however some of the Information about Jet Energy Inc latest Nanor device seriously blew my mind.

Jet Energy are one of the leading developers of Cold Fusion.

What it is: “A Nano structured electrical device based on metamaterials and quantum technology“.  Basically the Nanor could be thought of as an pre-loaded advanced batterythat releases more energy than the amounts put into it.



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Mitch Swartz is the CEO of Jet Energy Inc, who has developed this technology.
When I met him last year he was working with Palladium technology and very concerned about the fact that his patents had been left pending way passed the administrative handling time for these kinds of applications.

The Nanor V6 has been through a series of public demonstrations – one of them lasted several months making it the longest recognised public demonstration of Cold Fusion in the world. The drawback of the Nanor V6 was that it used Palladium and that the cost to produce just one of them was about 100 000 dollars.

I was surprised to hear – to say the least – that Jet Energy Inc is now commercialising their latest version of the Nanor.
The Nanor V7 releases several times the energy put into it and it can be used – for example – by science laboratories that wants to do experiment with Cold Fusion but lacks the years of “know how” or equipment required for to create and prepare the components needed.



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Mitch never gave any indications of the price for The Nanor V7 however since he is producing a bigger amount of them I would hope that the price will have gone down a lot. Nickel which is being used in the Version 7 Nanor is one of the most abundant substances on planet earth while Palladium – the metal that was used By Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons – and earlier versions of the Nanor, is very scarce and valuable.

(One Asteroid can contain more Palladium than what has ever been mined here on earth but there is a time window of 20-30 years before we can utilize these resources of Palladium and bring them back to earth.)


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Me and Peter Hagelstein
All though we might have a lot of indifference’s on a theoretically level Peter is one of my biggest inspirations and one of the reasons I decided to travel back in time. I was very happy to meet him again!!!


I think Jet Energy is doing the right thing by Commercializing their technology. Their work is so advanced as well as their theoretical know how and knowledge to prepare different fuels / cathodes / powders, so even if they start selling their inventions I doubt no one have the skill to replicate their work and make copies before they have released their next version Nanor (V8), which is already being developed.

With prices going down I doubt no one would be stupid enough to try.

I did kind of expected the Nanor to have evolved but that they would release a Nickel Based Nanor for Commercialisation was not expected. Of all the important news coming out of clean energy over the last couple of weeks (and years) I would like to claim that this is truly one of the most important progresses ever.





There was also an exam after the classes which I nailed perfectly, I am very happy about because that meant I could join the Cold Fusion 101 official after party with Jeremy and the others. The rest of my time here in Boston have been spent on helping Jeremy to compile information for a presentation about Cold Fusion that he posted on his YouTube Channel.

We have also spent many long nights arguing which Metal Genres have the best musicians because we are tying to put together some kind of heavy metal project. I wanted a music video about Zombie Vikings and Fusion Dragons while AlienScientist wants something more down to earth. I guess we will have to find a way in order to meet somewhere in the middle. I will of course update you all on our progress.

I would like to thank Peter and Mitch from Boston showing all of us that Everything is possible as long as you work hard, believe in yourself and refuses to listen to critique and limiting belief.

The Nanor is a truly remarkable innovation!

CAN SOMEONE SAY – Nobel Prize!


[ For more incomprehensible information about the Nanor V7 please click here: Jet Energy Inc]



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  1. Get out of here space dog… You must be kidding me…

    Nanor Nanor Nanor…

    Or not!

    What the fuck…

    Too much energy for me to deal with… Yet I can certainly sell this.

    Go figure….

  2. bucks!!!

  3. Dr Crocodile says:


    Crocodiles have sharp teethes and we can eat you


  4. “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan”

    - Yoda

  5. Ya whatever says:

    The NANOR is pretty late to the Nickle+Hydrogen cold-fusion reaction party. It’s nothing new and good luck getting a patent on it. The patent office has been very skeptical of cold-fusion designs unless you’re NASA of course.

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