The Year Of Cold Fusion


I have outdone myself this year.

I gave myself 3 promises for 2013, they where:

* Visit at least one Cold Fusion Conference
* Spread a message of Peace and Love over the Internet
* Finish my first reactor experiment





Not only have I accomplished that but much much more.

* I have donated money and equipment to laboratories
* I have received lots of presents from companies and organizations
* I have released a techno soundtrack in Berlin
* Tried Google Glasses
* Visited many secret laboratories
* Performed public successful demonstrations of LENR / Cold Fusion
* Got chosen to represent Planetary Resources as a Vanguard
* Studied at MIT
* Went through 2 sales trainings



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The best thing about this amazing year is all the incredible people I have befriended.  To be honest, I though that no one would like my project but I have had soo much support. Even all though I mess up all the time… Because people have allowed me to make mistakes I have been able to grow a lot. Something I really learned is the importance of failing and being wrong.


The most incredible people I have befriended is:

*Gregory and Ruby from Cold Fusion Now.
*Peter Gluck from Ego Out
* Jeremy Rys from Alienscientist
* Bob and Mathieu from Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project
* Allan Sterling from Peswiki
* David and AlainCo from LENR-Forum
* Dennis Cravens
* Peter Hagelstein and Mitch Swartz from MIT / JET Energy, Inc


Even Hot Fusion scientist have been kind to me and helped me with my research! JWOW ^^

The two most incredible projects I am involved in have yet not been revealed.

Lets just say I have a few surprises in my bag of tricks!!!

People have thought me how important it is to have friends and to help each other.
I thought being a Cold Fusion Scientist would be a very lonely career path but I was wrong!



The Year Of Cold Fusion


MFMP was able to detect Gamma Ray Emissions with their own Nickel Wires. Because they are a open live science project and they publish all their data on their webpage it is now 1000x easier to create Table Top Fusion for anyone interested to try for them selves.

Dennis Cravens, Rod Gimpel and me did 5 days of succesfull public demonstrations with different toys at NI-Week in Texas, Austin. National Instrument is one of the best measuring companies in the world! One of our devices from NI-Week is right now being independently validated by another science team!

Defkalion had NASA scientists making measurements on their devices in their laboratories.
They also streamed demonstrations over the Internet with High Output Nickel Devices.

LENR Cars have made greit efforts. (I will soon write about them)

Brillouin announced some remarkingly information about their devices and who they work with.
Surely Andrea Rossi can be worried about first announcing proven customers.

Lots of interesting patents was either filed of approved.
One of those that made most buzz was a LENR company in Finland called Etiam Inc.
The most interesting patent only a few people in the world have seen, it will soon be announced.



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My Friend Banksy Bangs



Ugo Abundo and the Pirelli Highschool have developed their second generation reactor called the Hydrobetatron
They are getting close to commercial grade outputs from their Nickel Powder and they have also developed their own Electric Pulse Generator.

U.S Navy got their patent approved for Remediation of Nuclear Waste through advanced LENR / Cold Fusion.
What this technology does is to Transmute Nuclear Waste Particles. In the process “waste heat” is created. Basically these technologies will more and more start to neutralize some of the most dangerous waste known to man while producing energy at much lower price than traditional Nuclear Fission plants.
This technology is now being  sold / licensed online.

The European Parlament in Brussels held a one day meeting about the progress of LENR / Cold Fusion.
It was mentioned as The Fleischmann Pons-Effect and it had invited experts from ENEA, SRI & Energetics LLC.




The most important announced progress of Cold Fusion this year was the 3rd party independent report of Andrea Rossis Second Generator Devices aka the Hot-Cat. “Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.”

We are now looking forward to new studies and reports on the reactors and also- the effect behind it.


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Im sure I have leaved out a lot of memorable events and happenings during the year so if any of you readers wants to refresh my memory that would be cool and I can just updated the list. Love / DB

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