Earlier during 2015 it was reported that India’s government would kickstart their Cold Fusion Research. We have followed up these announcements with Governmental contacts over there and have confirmation that the Ministry of New and Renewal Energy is actively looking for great proposals, and have already initiated half a dozen projects.

But it’s not only India showing interest. The Atomic Institute in Beijing, China, has released information about (very successful) replication of Dog Bone Technology. That’s right ladies and gentlemen – China has Cold Fusion technology more powerful than the Ecat.

Meanwhile – Japan is expanding their Research Program, which is aimed towards both Clean Energy Production, and ** Nuclear Waste Remediation. Their race to have developed functional technology before the Summer Olympics in 2020 is as well more than just a media hype. Just as in India, we have as well governmental contacts in Japan who has confirmed that they are taking LENR research seriously.


We discuss serious topics in a not very serious setting. It is not our intention to make fun of science, but to educate a younger audience.













Pictures from India:


Dr Bob visits GOA



goa india statue




“During the last one year, ever since the new Modi Govt. took office in Delhi in May 2014​, there has been very good progress. Firstly the Journal Current Science published by the Indian Academy of Sciences brought a special issue on LENR.

Subsequently a high level Specialist Group on LENR was formed on the instructions of the Minister for Power & Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)

​A second meeting comprising the Core group members of this Group called the “Advisory Group on LENR” took place on 6th July and initiated many initiatives.”



If our readers have a proposal for India’s Research Program – we can pass it over directly to our contacts in the government!

Thanks for reading / DB



** Nuclear waste remediation means to neutralize nuclear toxic waste

5 Responses to “Proof that Asian Governments are taking Cold Fusion Seriously”

  1. Dear Bob,
    don’t forget also the interest of Chinese authorities aroudn Tianjin with Tom darden E-cat


    and also analysing the wikipedia on cold fusion says more on the more rational situation in Asia.

    I remember Jed saying that the mind guard from US came on the japanese page, and tried to censor LENR resources.
    they were throw out.
    Pages are critic, but both side are allowed.

    • Dear Alain,

      Lets say just for an example that the average cost of a person in Europe is 20 euros a month for heating, electricity and gasoline – that adds up to 14 850 Million Euros. Over a period of 1 year this adds up to over 178 200 million euros. And if we consider that only 1/10th of the worlds population live in Europe we are looking at a fairly important market.

      With that kind of resources you can easily cure cancer & stop starvation.

      Love / DB


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