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I recently challenged MFMP (The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project) in another post that if they would provide instruction on my webpage for how to donate money to their research I would make an donation and then post a proof of transaction on my webpage. I was very happy to receive an answer from them within 3 hours on my blog.

Martin Fleischmann was a researcher who together with Stanley Pons (re)discovered “Cold Fusion”.
They had been working several years on research that they themselves where funding. Actually at that time when they released their results in 1989 ,Cold Fusion was all over the news.

Martin Fleischmann recently pass away from Parkinson’s Decease.

One of the companies / organisations who continue Martins and Stanley’s research is Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.
They are a non profit organisation who replicates a Cold Fusion experiment called “The Celani Cell”. Their reactors are relatively cheap and is built around optimized conditions for measurements of heat release.

I have followed them since they started, I think they are very cool and come across as very open and credible in their approach. If you would like to be a part of this revolution, then MFMP is a very good forum for doing so through their webpage:

At the moment it seems like they are doing much better on their experiments then they are on collecting money for research so I though I would try to help them out a bit!


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I hope they will continue their good work, if thats the case I promise to pass some more!

Martin, this one´s for you!



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  1. Thankyou Dr. Bob for your generosity.

    This will certainly be put to good use helping to fund the broad ranging tests of Celani’s version 2 experimental protocol that has a far higher chance of becoming the incontrovertible experiment we seek to distribute across the globe in a mass Live Open Science initiative.

    We want what we all want, clean water, protected biodiversity and energy and its derivatives that has a cost that does not enslave us or make anyone an unwilling participant in wars.

    • Dear Mr Greenyer,

      We share the same values & beliefs!

      I know that MFMP wants to test different LENR technologies but started with the Celani Cell.

      Here at Dr Bob Labs we are promoting various Green Energy Technologies that could potentially achieve those very things you mentioned, not only LENR. However at this point LENR is our best short term candidate.

      If it would turn out that your crew and other organisations / companies working on LENR / Cold Fusion have miss calculated the excess energy coming from their reactors THEN WE WANT TO BE THE FIRST ONES TO KNOW so that we can move on spending our time and resources on other technologies.

      Since MFMP are working on a open – non profit project it made most sense to us giving our money to you guys, we just want to know the truth! Also I like the fact that it is a web project and that data is being streamed over the internet.

      Thank you for letting me (and others) be a part of your Adventure!
      Good Luck On Your Journey – Hope to Speak Again

      / Dr Bob Crew

    • Samantha says:

      they were perplexed by the aunomt of tritium, but went on any way to ignore the logical consequence of tritium. Tritium showed nuclear reactions were going on. Excess heat was being explained away as error or fraud. Gary Taubes, a science writer and fiction writer decided he could disprove tritium as fraud. John Brockis, one of the best electrochemists in the world, was getting good tritium results at Texas A&M. Taubes thought he saw a pattern where new tritium results corresponded to lab visits by interested scientists. Despite this weak premise and a lot of evidence to the contrary he got an article published in Science accusing John Brockis of fraud. Like Taubes, Science had to ignore scientific evidence that actually spiking with tritium produced a different result than Brockis was seeing. Texas A&M investigated the allegation and found no evidence to support the Taubes accusation. Complete details of the story are given in the “Gary Taubes Witch Hunt” portal at New Energy Times.However tritium results did not correlate well with other parameters. Tritium was not always seen and did not correspond with excess heat. It seems to me that the Widom-Larsen Theory could explain the tritium found by John Brockis and others in LENR deuterium palladium experiments if ordinary hydrogen contamination was present.d = deuteriumn = neutrone* = heavy electronv = neutrinoe = ordinary electronp = protont = tritiumHe4 = Helium 4In a deuterium experiment:d + e* = 2n + vd + 2n = He4 + e + 26.852 MEVp + e* = n + vd + n = t + 6.257 MEVDeuterium and tritium are also possible in an ordinary hydrogen experiment:n + n = d + e + 2.224 MEVn + d = t + 6.257 MEV

  2. Svetlana says:

    Ok best answer. Who cares about the “science” biehnd any of these claims.Rossi and his Ecat so far HAS NOT delivered the goods.No real customer has ever gotten their hands on one.What is to make of that?That is the question. Is it a scam?I think that the answer to that will be for each person to judge. How many years are you going to wait before a Rossi Ecat is sold not only to a “real customer” but to more than one “real” customers?So far no goods have been delivered.My guess is some people will call it a scam 6 months from now, some a year, some two years etc.Who cares about MIT, National Instruments etc. Where is the working, produced and sold Ecat?That is why I say my “best answer” IS NOT TO LISTEN TO PROMISES BUT WAIT FOR THE REAL DEAL!As long as the Rossi Ecat remains an unfulfilled promise speculation as to its relevance, effectivity and conspiracy theories will thrive.Deliver the goods Mr Rossi!

  3. Nigel Gills says:

    Terrifying now i’ll never ever get one yet again


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