Someone recently asked me if I’m actually re-reading my posts before I put them on my web page.
In contrary to most people’s belief, I’m not a native English speaker, and even if I was, grammar isn’t one of my stronger sides. I guess I’m one of these people who really never bothered much about perfect pronunciation and wording.

Actually, sometimes I get annoyed when people who speak only one language perfect, demands from me that I should be able to speak their -whichever it is- language perfectly. *Deep Breathes*

When it comes to publishing scientific papers, or posting content on the internet that will automatically be translated into other languages, I do however understand that spelling is important. At the moment, I’m creating lots of written material and I think it would help tremendously if someone could spare a couple of hours over to help me out a little.

My email is of course bob (at) drboblog (dot) com




No money, no science!


Another person who could do with a bit of help is Bob Greenyer, a friend of mine. This other Bob is very central within the MFMP, an organisation that helps to enable Cold Fusion in the Open Research Community.

The thing is, and I think many people do not really appreciate this, doing science costs money.

Just as other before him, Bob has spent quite a bit of his own money for the greater good of the community. I spoke to Bob over the phone a few months ago, after his new kid was born, and he told me at that time he didn’t have hot water or heat in his apartment….

I have myself, believe it or not, gone hungry and even been homeless, several times, since starting to work with Cold Fusion, so I can relate to what he has been going through recently. I remember especially well a period of time when I ate only Egg and Spaghetti for almost three months. I didn’t even afford to purchase water and the tap water (if it at all can be classified as water) was making me sick, causing me a stomach ache that didn’t allow me to sleep at night. Even at that point, the only thing I could think about was how I could find the means to focus all my time on efforts that could help make Cold Fusion a reality.

I’d like to think that Bob Greenyer, just as me and many others, realises just how important this “slippery soap” technology is to the world, and that’s why we sacrifice soo much, and devote soo much of our precious time to it.

While there are many people who struggle out there in the world, few of them adds the value that Bob Greenyer does, so I’d recommend everyone reading this to have a look at MFMP, the organisation he coordinates, and the work they have achieved over the last years. It’s worth a bit of support!

Sharing is Caring! / DB




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  1. Happy to proof read to support LENR.

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