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Questions and Answers:

NiWeek Public Demonstrations

(We did 5 days of public demonstrations with Cold Fusion Technology during Ni-Week in Texas)
Question: The secret fuel from Ni-Week consisted of Gold and platinum, but what was the gas inside?
Was it deuterium? Or Hydrogen?
Answer: Palladium / Gold Powder and Deuterium Gas

Question: What was the atmosphere in the active sphere?
Answer: 2 Bars of pressure. (after heating up the sphere to 80 degrees)

Question: Was the palladium and gold, nano in size?
Answer: Yes, grains of 10 Nanometers within chunks of Carbon. Except for that and we used of the shelf hydrogen storage powder and some sprinkles of Magnesium Powder.

Question: Did you drink the Tea?
Answer: That was the whole reason bringing a Quantum Tea Kettle to the event


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Question: What was the purpose of these Rods in the back of the stand?
Answer: The Rods belongs to Rod Gimpel, they are spark plugs pretty much like the spark plugs that Defkalion Green Technologies uses in their devices. Rods Gimpels toys are very similar to ours however since he is working with higher temperatures it would not have been safe to do a live demo at the event. *safety first*

Question: What caused the reaction? (excessive heat release)
Answer: Cold Fusion


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Cold Fusion is a “brand name” that was invented by journalists long ago in order to describe processes where “Anomalous Excess Energy” is being released under certain, today, well defined conditions.

Dennis Cravens calls this process LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

One of the reasons this effect is being described as Nuclear is because the energy released is so severe.

Question: How did the active sphere differ from the one with sand?
Answer: Both was heated around to 80 degrees celsius however the active sphere held a temperature of 84 degrees during the whole event. That would suggest that an reaction inside the sphere was creating excess energy.

Question: Who witnessed the opening of the active sphere?
Answer: About 20-25 people including some staff from National Instruments.


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Dennis Cravens almost saws of the Power Chord JWOW ^^

Question: Was there any problems with the Demos

Answer: Demos of Magnetic Motors tends to fail after 4 hours for some reasons….
We had no problems with our demos.

Question: Have you proven beyond a doubt that Cold Fusion is real.
Answer: I dont know, we where just having fun playing with our toys.

Question: Will you do more demonstrations like this?
Answer: Yes, actually we are working on two demos that we hope to perform during this year. 

Question: Are you going to compete with Andre Rossi and his Energy Catalyzers
Answer: No – To much Paper Work



General Questions and Statements


Question: Is not Nuclear Power dangerous
Answer: Yes but without it we would not survive (the sun)

Fission, what we use today was originally developed for making Nuclear Weapons, if you ask me, it has no place in this world.

Question: Would you not fry your family if you put this technology in your living room.
Answer: A Cold Fusion device gives of less radiation than the Potassium in your body. (NO)

Question: Cold fusion is a hypothetical type of Nuclear Reaction
Answer:  Things changes over time, 24 years ago you would have been correct, today we know better.  

Scientist claimed that the laws of physics prohibited man to build flying machines aka “Air Planes” during several years as the Wright Brothers where performing live demonstrations. Meanwhile,  a retarded 5 year old kid was pointing at a bird saying LOOK, LOOK MOMMY, LOOK AT THE BIRD.

The laws of physics did not have to change in order for us to create air planes.
The same is true for Cold Fusion

Question: There is no duplicable experiment that has ever been done to cause cold fusion.
Answer: And a paper airplane wont fly under the right conditions because the laws of physics prevents them to?



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Question: Fission is better than Fusion!
Answer: One of these technologies threatens all life on earth, the other one could lead to the liberation of the human race. Make sure you know which one is which because your life depends on it. 

Question:  Your Home Experiment is just a exothermic reaction
Answer: Well yes, one could claim that and I would not argue to much because of how hard it is to make measurements on these home built plasma devices.

If one could build a device optimized for making measurements and maybe perform the experiment under some pressure to get some better Juice that might change one or two things. Who knows, maybe pictures of such an device is already circulating on the Internet as we speak!



Question: LENR is not cold fusion. The NASA scientist describes it.
Watch the video you posted, it is clearly an alternative nuclear reaction.
Answer: An Apple computer is not made of Apples but they can still outperform a PC

Question: How come Mainstream Media is not reporting about this?
Answer: Well Mainstream Media is typically sales organizations for public relations.

Thats why I think alternative media and social media is awesome!!!
Today you can listen to different sets of argument and then decide for yourself what you want to believe because in the end, we only choose to believe what we are either programmed to believe or what we want to believe.


mohito, just add alcohol,

(Mohito Growing on Trees, just add Sugar and Alcohol)


Question: Why dont you work with Solar Energy.
Answer: Before stumbling on Cold Fusion I was actually working Non-Profit with promoting Solar Energy.

While I could see wast potential of medicinal benefits from Cannabis Growing I found that these legal(and illegal)  organizations often stole and wasted energy for their production.

- This energy would come from Gas, Nuclear and Oil, thus the Greens was not Green at all!

While trying to find Solar Companies that would sponsor Legal Weed Associations with free Solar Panels I stumbled upon a guy who told me about his plans to start a Call Center for Cold Fusion in Asia.

Solar is my favorite Energy however it is not potent enough to use for space exploration. (today)
If you have the possibility to use Solar, Hydro or Wind Power I am all for that!

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Question: What is the benefit from Cold Fusion
Answer: It can create a more stable economy and a lot of new jobs also it will free up a lot of resources while we are given a chance to reverse pollution. (chemical, nuclear and biological)

While Pollution and Population increases, the resources here on earth Decreases. Picture the earth as a enclosed box filled with rats. As the rats are getting hungry and thirsty they will start eating each other – In other world – WORLD WAR III

However in space there is plenty of resources and prime real estate. Also here on earth we can use Cold Fusion to desalinate water, that will help with Greening the deserts.

Question: You Know that Cold Fusion is impossible
Answer: With a postive mindset, everything is possible


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Question: What is a F.A.A.I.B
Answer: Fully Automated Artificial Intelligence Bot

F.A.A.I.B`s is a concept  from Shawn Keepler, the script for a TV-serie. Its being written to make people aware of the ideas that could lead us to a brighter future. (and influence)

Shawn Keepler, a boy in the near future builds a robot that looks like a mouse and can retract into a ball. (very similar to the balls from our demonstration in Texas) It`s sole purpose is to acquire intelligence and be a continuously developing companion.

Question: What does F.A.A.I.B`s have to do with Cold Fusion
Answer: F.A.A.I.B`s can be used to charge home E-cats.



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