The reason why I have not reported in much is because I made some new friends, and have spent a lot of time with them.  I meet Klee, Dan and Aaron from Quantum Gravity Research.

I knew of them from before because of their colleague Russ Gries, who has a very good vLog about Open Source Research, on Youtube.

Klee, Aaron and Dan is working on the Theory Of Everything(TOE).
They came to ICCF to do research, and to compare their theories, with theories and observations from Cold Fusion.



Klee told me that he needs some help to try one of their hypothesis.(Ideas)
They are in need of pieces of Cathodes, or Powders, from working Cold Fusion Devices, that they can analyse to study the atomic structures.

According to their ideas, they should see some very specific geometrical patterns when they study the powder that would indicate that they have a good theoretical model.

These tests are called X-Ray Diffraction, and they are rather expensive to carry out.

quantum gravity, klee Irwin


After Quantum Gravity Research has performed the tests they will share the results in an open manner with the Cold Fusion Community.

Another reason why labs / teams with good recipes should consider this offer is because Klee Irwin is an friend of Ruby Carat from Cold Fusion Now.

I have some theoretical video material that ties into all of this.
I will ask Ruby Carat to post that on her webpage, later on.





By the way -

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Projects is running some live experiments as we speak.
This time with a Russian Recipe. You can follow here:



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