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Lately we are receiving lots of emails and invitations from all over the world since coming back from Italy.
China, France, Japan and America.


I would love to go to Japan, and America but there is not enough time right now.

We also received an offer for some sponsoring money if we travelled to Dublin yesterday to investigate some competing Battery Technology, but we decided it was not worth our time.

Except for helping people with their Dog Bone replications we have also been working on some video projects that will take a few weeks.



Project Dog Bone


My mentor Peter Gluck says that the only way to compete with the Ecats is to work harder than Andrea Rossi. I think that never before there has been more work going in to Cold Fusion. MFMP has sent out 20 bags of Cold Fusion powder to laboratories all over the world, but people are also testing their own powders.

The concept of LOS (Live Open Science) is also catching on.

People we never heard of before are live streaming experiments of Dog Bones.
Most of the time the experiments ends with a bit of sparks or an explosion after a few hours.

Typically E-Catworld.com and Lenr-Forum.com is keeping good track of these streams.

A technology that can compete with the Ecat must be both stable, and stronger. While dog bones can be very efficient, there is typically lots of problem with stability due to the high temperatures. Alan Goldwater of MFMP has created a Glowstick Dog Bone which seemed very promising until – POFF!!!



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At some point I will create a video compilation of Nuclear Meltdowns and Chemical Explosions in Cold Fusion Devices . (Dont worry – they are quite cute and harmless)

However, the important point is this.

With so many new intellects working on CF, testing things out, SHARING DATA, the technology will move forward much faster. Its gonna be an intelligence explosion! People will start applying the knowledge to new improved architectures, and there is going to be launched hundreds of companies. We see this already, new companies and organisations coming forward every week.

Cold Fusion will lead to at least Three Revolutions:


* Technological / scientific

* Industrial

* Social / intellectual

I`d say the two first revolutions are quite guaranteed however the third is not.

The human race easily forget about their own stupidity and make the same mistakes, over an over again. Cold Fusion holds the opportunity to change the way people think about themselves, and their society. We can either use Cold Fusion as a Symbol of positive change, or, we can let idiots take over the technology, write their own history and continue to be controlled by ways of thinking that is only beneficial for a small amount of people obsessed of creating a false reality for us others to live in.

We now have a symbol that can improve our lives that every person on this planet can unite around!
That can be the third revolution!


Quantum Tunnelling in Cold Fusion

Volodymyr Dubinko of Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology speaking at ICCF19 about Quantum Tunnelling. 



Volodymyr focuses on a mechanism in Quantum Tunnelling called Discrete Breathers. (DB`s)

The main concept behind the math of DB`s (Discrete Breathers) is that temperature (represented by phonons) is like people – there are plenty but chaotic and must be leaded by heroes, who can organize the people to make anything significant. DB`s are heroes of the nano-world.

They are very few (just like real heroes) but extremely significant.

Their energy is just 5-10 times higher than the mean energy of any atom, but it enters into the exponent – the most powerful mathematical function, and so the result of their action may be tens of orders of magnitude at the chemical scale, and hundreds (!) of orders of magnitude at the nuclear scale, where uncertainty principles come to play.



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/ Dr. Bob Mihajlovski


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