The “Widom Larsen Theory” is the most popular and discussed theory of Cold Fusion / LENR at the moment.

This Theory has been heavily supported by Scientists from NASA

In Widom Larsen Theory there is no “Fusion”. Instead there is a creation of “Neutrons” that Decays and Releases Energy.

My Response to CERN regarding studies performed on WL Theory  does not necessarily (and most probably not) represent the opinion of other Cold Fusion Researchers and / or laboratories.



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Dear Antonio Polosa and Mr Riccardo Faccini


It seems few people in the Cold Fusion society have taken the time to analyze the presentation you gave at CERN regarding Cold Fusion.

I think a reason for the very small attention towards your work is that parts of it are based on fundamental assumptions that are incorrect.  For example Cold Fusion reactions typically take place under Pressure. When you load Hydrogen Atoms into a Metal Lattice it makes little sense to consider reactions that occurs in a Vacuum.

As you mentioned in your talk – Cold Fusion is driven foremost by experimental research rather than Theoretical. The promise of Cold Fusion is foremost that of producing Clean and Cheap Energy and that is our focus.

Also the theoretical work you have made is very advanced and answering to it is very difficult on a dime.

The last reason some people haven`t  bothered to spend time looking at your research is the assumption that you would attack the Science of Cold Fusion.


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Me preparing some Epoxy to make a repair in the laboratory.


If Neutrons was created during the experiments, what is to say they would necessarily leave the cell to be picked up by the detectors? Neutrons have no external electrical charge so they slide into the core of the atom very easily and in some theories this is fundamental to explaining why energy is created.

Gamma Ray on the other hand comes from the Core of Atoms and possible looking for them would be a better place to start? Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have made preliminary announcements of Gamma Ray Emissions however the Geiger Counter used can also pick up X-Ray Emissions and since the amount of CPM (Counts Per Minute)  was only about 200% of background radiation there is still a bit of work to do there.

I would like to thank ENEA for their Experimental Research and CERN for their Theoretical. Also I would like to thank Mr Antonio Polosa and Mr Riccardo Faccini especially. I will not be able to provide much value to your project theoretically – I just have one big nagging question for you:

If you wanted to perform Cold Fusion Research with top of the art measuring equipment – how come you are doing it on a 20 year old Mizuno Cell?
(The Mizuno Cell – Also known as “The Infowars Mayonnaise Reactor” – is one of the most basic devices one can build. I have published the instructions here on my webpage.)

I think personally for me it would have made more sense to run the experiment under pressure with a setup that was optimized for achieving the results you where looking for.


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Improved Mizuno Reactor – (Add pressure and increase the reaction)
This device was made in collaboration between scientists Jean-Paul Biberian, Pierre Clauzon and Mathieu Valat.


I am a bit sad that conditions for further funding is that you guys find Neutron Emissions.
If you ask me – ONE of the biggest reasons we should fund this kind of research is the lack of Neutron Emission


Next time you guys consider making any more experiments feel free to contact me in order to get hold of some better equipment.
-Maybe (???) I might be able to help you get hold of something better if you describe your needs to me!


Keep Up The Great Work! 





6 Responses to “My Response to CERN”

  1. Greg Goble says:

    With dissapointment, the lanscape can become a fertile ground for improvements. When watching the CERN presentation I kept thinking, “This is like… kindergarden research.”

    Thanks for your analysis and kindly offer to help these folks in the future. If they are serious about contributing to the field they should allow you to take them under your wing.

    Angels can fly ’cause they take everything lightly…

    Have you ever seen an angel frown?

  2. Are the CERN scientist really that daft? If I had their equipment I could get answers not questions that have already been answered. What they said is true they are in a “Feedback loop” Looking for Neutrons that are not there, they keep asking the same question.

    There is excess energy that only a nuclear reaction can explain.

    Are their neutrons emitted?

    No Neutrons emitted.

    Answer: Not Nuclear

    There is excess energy found that can only be explained by a nuclear source.

    Question: Are their neutrons emitted?

    Finding: No neutrons emitted.
    Answer: Not nuclear.

    • Ruby Carat says:

      You mean that: “it is not a nuclear reaction that makes neutrons.”

      There are many different types of cells, and many different types of products including helium, tritium, and photons.

      Helium and tritium can only be made by a nuclear reaction. The amount of excess heat measured is nuclear in size.

      But it is not the kind of nuclear reaction that is described by the 100-year-old nuclear theories. These theories say that lots and lots of high-energy neutrons should be occuring, deadly to anyone in the lab.

      But they do not occur. And scientists are still alive.

      “Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your own eyes?”

      Therefore, we must model a new nuclear phenomenon.

  3. Karen Christine Irwin says:

    I think cold fusion is a great invention. If there is no toxic waste and if there are no explosions, I think we should go with it, but not if there are going to be explosions.

    • Explosions are great for digging tunnels but I doubt we will use cold fusion for that.

      1% of the nickel we excavate every year all ready would be more then enough to fill all our energy needs at the moment. (but without any pollution)

      (That means 1% of the nickel we al ready excavate can replace all that fossil fuel and radioactive fuel we use today such as oil, trees, natural gas, thorium or uranium)

      But nickel has a dark side to it as well. It is a bit toxic so if you ever make a piercing be sure that you use a silver ring ear ring and not one made of nickel.

      When you run your device long enough you have to replace the nickel – but nickel can be recycled very easily – then it can be used over and over again.



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