Rocking out in Boston

“There is no great genius without a mixture of madness” / Aristoteles
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Hi Friends,

I finally arrived in Down Town Boston on Wednesday.
I went here to join the Introduction Class at MIT for Cold Fusion and to meet my friend Jeremy.

The class started Monday and runs the whole week. (finishes tomorrow)

Unfortunately after missing the first 3 days I had to call in sick this morning. Im now 100% committed to attend school tomorrow because If I dont attend tomorrow I wont get invited to the Graduation Party.



Jeremy is a friend I made last year studying at MIT, he is a famous physicist, part of ColdFusionNow and a vLogger. Most people know him for his pseudonym “AlienScientist”.  The ultimate goal of AlienScientist, is to successfully merge our culture with the future we are about to become, and prevent us from destroying ourselves with the enabling technologies that we are currently abusing, instead of using for the proper purposes for which they were intended.


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How Aliens would react if they visited planet earth and saw how we are producing our energy.


Jeremy has attended MIT the whole week and he is also video recording everything to make accessible on Youtube for those who wants to learn about the basics of Cold Fusion but could not attend. Jeremy told me this years class was much better than last years. Both Mitch and Peter have become better at presenting the information and nailing down relevant pinpoints.

Something that was new for the course this year was Laser Triggered Nuclear Reactions.
You can use lasers to turn the Cold Fusion effect on and off, and if your pro you can even sustain the reaction a bit after triggering it.


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Laser Triggered Cold Fusion Reactions (old setup)


Another reason that I persuaded Spuffy to allocate money for my Boston trip was to see how far Jet Energy have come with their Nanor Technologies. 

“Nuclear Reactions” is typically a area physicists would work on however Cold Fusion was discovered within a very advanced Chemistry Experiment. Physicists at MIT and Caltech have problems to replicate Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons experiments because they struggle to prepare the ingredients to run the experiments. I wonder if the Nanor can help?




The introduction class is only the first of 3 events I know about at MIT during 2014 for Cold Fusion.
Its going to be a very good year for clean energy and MIT!

Me and AlienScientist are heading over to a studio now to record some music…

- Wish me good luck tomorrow on the exam!


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Warm Regards / Dr Bob


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  1. Good Luck Bob
    You will do well
    You always do
    Be sure to record some of that music for us


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