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Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now has recently produced a mini documentary called: Follow Nature`s Documents.  The video comprises interviews of Navy Scientists and Engineers working with Cold Fusion / LENR at the US Spawar program.

The video was screened at the ICCF19 and got some really good reviews:

“Is it possible for anyone to watch that movie and not believe in Cold Fusion?” 



Humans won’t soon forget about the dawn of Cold Fusion……

Its an event that will impact every person and be remembered for thousands of years.

- Considering that history is written, would it not be wise to conserve this history, so that we can learn from it, over and over again?  Ruby Carat would like to continue producing video material and acquire funding, to work on larger projects.

Would you happen to know someone who could finance such a project?
- Please let that person know!



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* US Navy was one of the first organisations to be granted a US Patent for Cold Fusion



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