Pitching Cold Fusion

to Peter Diamandis of XPrize


This is the sequel of our video with Peter Diamandis, recorded in Seattle

In this episode we show off some toys in a secret lab in New Mexico.





Cold Fusion Basics


Cold Fusion is a new field within material engineering and nanotechnology, that can be used to produce clean, cheap, and abundant energy.

With Cold Fusion, the Hydrogen in just one liter of water, can power one family for 200 years.
(No pollution – No Radioactive Substances)


A common misconception about Cold Fusion, because of its name, is that its just like Hot Fusion, but colder. Thats not true!

When “Cold Fusion” was discovered, no one really knew where the energy came from, but many thought it was very similar to Hot Fusion, and then the name stuck.



free energy



In order “not to confuse humans”, many other names are used, that better describes the process.


Here are some of them:

LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reaction
LENR – Low Energy Nano Reaction
LANR – Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction
LENT – Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation
AEH – Anomalous Excess Heat
CMNP – Condensed Matter Nuclear Physics
CMP – Condensed Matter Physics


Among known inventors and scientists behind Cold Fusion:

- Andrea Rossi
- Martin Fleischmann
- Stanley Pons
- Alexander Parkhomov


Known Companies working on Cold Fusion are f,ex:

- Airbus
- Boeing
- Mitsubishi
- Industrial Heat
- Dr Bob Crew


Known institutions that claims Cold Fusion is real is f,ex:

- Pentagon
- Darpa
- University of Bologna
- University of Missouri


Radioactive or Polluting Technologies, that is not similar in any way:

- Thorium (Fission)
- Oil
- Carbon
- Gas



toy mummy, prison, forbidden, secret,

Names for Cold Fusion in various languages is:

Chinese: 冷聚变
Russian: ХТЯ
Italian: Fusione Fredda
French: Fusion Froide
Spanish: Fusión Fría
Swedish: Kall Fusion
Norwegian: Kald Fusion
Portuguese: Fusão a Frio



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