I was just about to lick my balls when my friend Peter Gluck from Romania called me.  You have to look at this, he said, and passed me some information about my Russian colleague. Apparently, Prof. Barkhomov claims to be achieving, as we speak, high efficiency and sustained Cold Fusion Dog Bone Technology.

Everyone is super surprised!!!




Prof. Barkhomov


Prof. Barkhomov have been claiming lots of successful replications of Dog Bones, but the devices would typically only be 110% efficient (COP 1.1) – and they would break within minutes of operation, after achieving the Cold Fusion Effect.

But now its being reported that new improved Dog Bone has been operating for days, at an efficiency of 300% (COP 3).


- Thats enough to change the world!!!



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The Law of Domino


I must however point out, in order to be objective:

These kinds of replications just started, and since the information is out there for anyone to try themselves, we need lots of replications before this will have catched on.

We need replications from all over the world!

At this point, I think its fair to say that we are seeing the Cold Fusion Revolution catching speed, and a very important lesson in physics.

Small objects, set in motion, can effect much, much, much, much, larger objects. 


Like this!!! 



Self Confidence 


Whenever you feel small, and whenever you feel powerless – think of that little domino brick, and remember, that you, within you, have been given enough power to change the world.

Lets use this knowledge to make the world a better place!!!


I believe in U!



Tyav Tyav / Dr Voffi





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One Response to “Self confidence and The Domino Effect”

  1. Jessica Wood says:

    Thank you for these great tips!I think it is the case that the own perception is often vastly different than the perception by others. Thinking about very miniscule things like choosing a wrong word in a conversation or having the feeling that people stare at you because of the way you walk. All these little things really lower your confidence because the human mind tends to overanalyze situations. In reality people don’t notice little mishaps like that. They either simply don’t care, don’t notice them, or they forget about it in seconds because it’s just so miniscule. Constant thinking about how you walk or what you say in conversations leads to increased nervousness which isn’t helpful at all. Once you come to this conclusion, the world appears in a different light. The good thing is that you can fake confidence which in the end leads to becoming confident. An article on this site http://www.improve-you.com goes into more detail and inspired me about thinking more deeply about this topic. Again, thanks for sharing!

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