State Of The Union 2014

28 January 2014 – State of the union


Today the president of the United States of America – Obama – will address his nation in a speech called The State Of The Union.
This is a old tradition taking place in America every year.

What will Obama speak about?

- That we are running out of food?
– That we are running out of water?
– That we are burning all our resources?
– That we are poisoning our planet with pollution?

The speech is said to focus around the American Economy this year!


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I hope to hear Obama address Cold Fusion / LENR


Recently we got some proof that Andrea Rossi had been speaking the truth about his “secret partner”.
(if someone doubted) Click Here for Press Release.

Today – the very same day as The State of the Union – Blacklight Power - will make a demonstration of their technology. Is there any reason for so many huge announcements to be made at one and the same point in time?
That is something we will find out very soon. ^^


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According to BlackLight Power:

- They believe that Hydrogen is turned into Dark Matter (“Hydrinos”) in their machine and in this process clean energy is released.

JWOW!!! ^^


My friend (who is a Nobel Prize Winner) actually have quite a bit of hope for these kinds of theories.

Dark Matter is as far as we know it utterly useless.

But, with over 20 years of research and 60 million dollars of investments BlackLight Power should at least be able to provide a credible demonstration with high yields of clean energy production!



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  1. Shanti Oom says:

    Have you really meet the president?
    Is that photoshop?

  2. Noooo cute dog should not drink alcohol
    Baaaaaaad Dog

    Maybe I should adopt little doggy :D

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