‘The war is over’ declared Italian inventor Andrea Rossi as the parties decided to settle in the worlds largest ‘Free Energy’ lawsuit throughout history.

Leading up to the trial  over the E-cat technology and almost 300 Million USD was 1,5 years of boring pre-court proceedings where the involved armies of lawyers were testing their various claims and evidence against each other for the juridical system to decide what evidence could be brought into court and presented to the jury.



A Swedish fika does all the difference

During the first day of what was expected to be a long trial the parties decided to settle over a ceremonial Swedish ritual known as the fika.

Many including myself  was looking forward to the trial because that could lead to the sharing of more information but unfortunately that never happened. Even though the trial never got off the ground it is believed that millions of USD was spent (wasted)  on lawyer fees.  Now there is no clear notion of what the involved parties decided to settle on but a join statement will be produced and published by the lawyers, but not until a considerable amount of ass-covering and positioning has taking place.

For a lone inventor to be able to stand his ground against some of the best and well paid lawyers in the world, that’s clearly remarkable. What is the odds?

Even without knowing the conditions of the settlement in itself surely it has to be considered a achievement for the inventor. If the truce is kept this is a huge win for Cold Fusion which now have a better chance to emerge from  the lingering thick smelly cloud of uncertainty – because of the lawsuit funding and research projects all over the world were being put on ice.


fika go royal


At the moment I’m in France working on direct electricity production together with a friend. It seems like it is working but more tests are required.


Love  Dr Bob Mihajlovski


2 Responses to “A Swedish Fika does all the difference – Historic lawsuit settled”

  1. Love the video, sent it to my two daughters. You don’t mention the extra $10 million Rossi took in the court settlement, he’s now got a nice bank account to move forward with.

    • Hi Russ George,

      I’m glad you like the music!

      As to my understanding no such information has been made available and the details of money changing hands is either not to be made public.

      I would appreciate if you could back this up with a link or a source, here in the chat or privately.

      The inventor has already gotten two down payments from the licensee totalling 11,5 million USD. The inventor then sued the licensee over the third payment 89 millions which according to him should be triggered depending on the results of a 1 year endurance test that was carried out.

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