The Hubble Deep Field

The Hubble Deep Field Picture by Tony darnell

Welcome to my blog for another Science Sunday!
My interested for science started when I was about 5 years old. A relative took me to visit a technical museum which had a 1:1 copy of the Apollo SpaceShuttle. I entered a competition in the museum for designing the best space rocket and a few months later when I had forgotten all about that, the museum sent me a book about Space Exploration and Our Solar System  as a price for my design.

Later on I was obsessed by the Physics of Black Holes for several years because the “Event Horizon” is a place where 2 sets of Physics is merging and might hold the key for us to understand the TOE. (Theory Of Everything) After reading all books I could find with Stephen Hawking 50 times or more I decided to study Astronomy at A University level. Since I did not have money or grades to study @ a actual University I had to borrow used books from another student and perform the studies myself. (That Is also how I learned Norwegian.)

Stephen Hawking is Chillaxing in his motorized Science Chair!

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My favorite blogger about Cosmology / Astronomy is Tony Darnell, he is a Astronomy Software Technologist at a Space Telescope Science Institute. Tdarnell as he calls himself,  interest started while watching the television as Lance Armstrong took the first steps on the surface on the moon.

Today Tony Darnell is a recognized name within Cosmology.
He was the first blogger to who posted the video “Hubble Deep Field, The most important Picture Ever Taken”

Tony Darnell have over 20 million views on YouTube and that is probably why he have never gotten back to me all though I have tried to contact him with questions for several years, however I hope this blogpost will change that. I have sent him a request for an invitation and for doing a project together.


Off Topic Dr Bob News:

I gave myself 3 promises for 2013. One of the was to visit at least one conference on Cold Fusion. Since I already done that I will set another goal for myself and that is to donate money to someone who needs it better than me!
(I am a dog, money holds no value to me)

My new goal/promise is to Give away more money! 
The nr 1 Prospect on my list is the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.
They are replicating a LENR experiment called “The Celani Cell”. They have built a low output reactor that uses a thin Nickel Wire as fuel loaded with Hydrogen Gas. Their reactor have integrated measuring software for on & of site monitoring. (see blog post)

Personally I think their project is more important than mine and they need my money more than me so I promise that IF ANYONE FROM THEIR PROJECT POST INSTRUCTION ON MY PAGE FOR HOW TO DONATE MONEY TO THEM, I will make a donation and then scan the receipt and post it on my webpage as a prof of transaction. 

(I want to do everything I can to assure they succeed because their work is very important)

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Another news is that I have quit my day job!
Thanks to my sponsor I am able to work full time on promoting creative THINK-ing, Science and Green Energy Technologies.
If you want to hang out with me, Dr Bob, I can be anywhere on the surface of the planet within 10 days after receiving an invitation.

Let me know! /

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  1. Lord Of The Things says:

    Bob Your Are Amazing
    Who is your new sponsor?
    <3 Lord Of The Things

    • The Germinator says:

      He did not specify that he have a New sponsor.
      I know who the sponsor is but I am not allowed to say anything, you can find some clues hidden in the blog ;)

    • Dear Lord Of The Things

      I am under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

      My sponsor(s) wants to remain Anonymous
      They believe in giving and do not expect anything in return.

    • Carat: I don’t understand how you caonnt see what is right in front of your eyes. What is in front of my eyes? The claim is a fantastic thermal energy density. But this has never been put in front of anyone’s eyes. I can tell that burning wood produces heat, that gasoline powers my car, and that striking a match produces chemical heat. But for cold fusion, all we have is vague and controversial papers of poor quality that fail to convince anyone but a few devoted believers. Experts enlisted by the DOE found that the evidence for nuclear reactions is not there. It should be a million times easier to demonstrate heat from cold fusion than from a match, but no one can do it. As Rothwell might say: Show me an isolated device that produces heat to stay warmer than its surroundings long enough to exceed its weight in chemical fuel.Carat: Why did Robert Duncan bring Energetic Technologies to the University of Missouri business park? For one reason only, Dr. Duncan witnessed the excess heat. The question you should ask is why did 60 minutes need Duncan. If Energetics were claiming a source of heat 10^6 times more dense than chemical heat, it should be obvious to anyone, and yet all 60 minutes showed was an impossibly complicated labyrinth of tubes and wires, and Duncan doing calculations in a notebook. Energetics claimed their foil electrode produced several watts for days on end; why couldn’t they put the foil in a beaker of water, and show it getting warmer?Duncan thought he witnessed excess heat, but he has not had any success convincing the world that he did. And again, it should not be hard to do for a nuclear energy density.Carat: Why has SPAWAR been conducting experiments for twenty years? I agree that they think they see something. But they have not been able to provide enough evidence to convince most scientists. And if the claims were true, in 20 years they should be able to convince anyone, without reference to obscure graphs and charts, that they are producing gigajoules of energy per gram of material. But they can’t even convince most scientists who take the time to study the results in detail.The 20 years, to my mind, counts against them. In 20 years, they have not made any progress. In fact, the claimed heat is getting smaller. That happens with pathological science, but never with real phenomena. Especially with 100s of people working on it. The results always get better, more pronounced, easier to see. Evidence for cold fusion is no better than it was in the 90s, which is why Rothwell uses data from the 90s on his front page.Carat: How is that tritium has been produced? The claimed levels of tritium vary by about 10 orders of magnitude, enough to lose all confidence in its detection. In any case, the levels are never enough to account for the claimed heat.Carat: How is it that helium is produced? Helium is the only claimed ash that is commensurate with the claimed heat. Funny coincidence, it is the only one that is present in the background at similar or higher concentrations.Carat: Why has SRI been researching this for twenty years? Again, they think there is something there. But they don’t have the evidence to convince other experts, let alone non-experts, who are capable of observing high energy densities. Polywater was investigated for 10 years, homeopathy has been investigated for a century, and perpetual motion has been investigated since civilization began.You can’t convince me something is true because a fringe group of people think it’s true. Show me the evidence. And yes, I am qualified to appreciate evidence of an energy density a million times higher than that of fire wood.Carat: The level of mass hallucination, though possible, is unlikely. Why is it unlikely? Cold fusion advocates love to point to all the examples in history where large groups of scientists were wrong. They were wrong about the ether. They were wrong about absolute time. And for new claims, they were wrong about n-rays and polywater. It is entirely believable no almost certain that the cold fusion cohort is wrong about cold fusion. Otherwise, a much larger group of scientists would have to be wrong, or victims of an even more massive hallucination.So, if I want to make a decision about cold fusion based on who believes it, there are far more who don’t believe it (including experts who have examined it in detail). If I want to make a decision based on the evidence, which I do, I have not seen any that even comes close to being convincing.Carat: In fact, the evidence is in: cold fusion is real. Proof by assertion? I can do that too: Cold fusion is not real. There is no evidence for it.Carat: I could bring up numerous graphs and charts, which I know you have seen, That’s the problem, isn’t it? You are claiming a billion joules per gram of fuel, and you need graphs to prove it’s real.Carat: but I won’t because I believe there is nothing short of a commercial product that will satisfy you. Not true. 22 years ago, when it was first claimed, scientists took the charts and graphs seriously, and went to the lab to test the claims. They didn’t stand up.Now, 22 years later, no one has the patience to look at more charts and graphs that show the same ambiguous, vague, and controversial results that P&F showed 22 years ago. Those who are enlisted to examine the graphs (the DOE panel) come away with the same conclusion: no conclusive evidence for nuclear effects.But a commercial product isn’t needed. Rothwell has expressed very well the sort of thing no scientist would dispute. Just an isolated device, with no energy input, that remains palpably warmer than its surroundings long enough to exclude any possible chemical source of energy. If the claims were real, that should be a piece of cake. That it is nowhere in sight after 22 years, makes the likelihood of cold fusion being real even lower than before P&F made their first claim.Carat: All the bluster in the face of scientific evidence is a time-waster. There is certainly time being wasted on cold fusion. By the deluded believers. Next year, when there is still no ecat to heat your house, or any other believable demonstration of cold fusion, and the scientific establishment still ignores the field, you will replace all these optimistic predictions with excuses (likely of the conspiracy theory nature), and make new optimistic predictions for the next year. People have been doing this for 22 years, or we would all be driving cold fusion cars since the year 2000. There really is no observable progress. Your campaign is admirable, but it is almost certainly a waste of time.

  2. Congratulation.
    Being paid for LENR is already an achievement…
    Something is happening.
    Current time is… fascinating… ||V|,

  3. Thankyou Dr. Bob for your kind offer and we believe that every discussion of this phenomenon is important. At the MFMP we are just trying to find an easy to replicate New Fire (a subset of LENR) experiment that we can ship around the world to engender a broad acceptance and exploration of this field and its potential.

    If anyone would like to donate. For the moment, they can go to this link

    Type in at least their Name and Email, hit the ‘Next>>’ button and then the ‘Process payment’ button. They would then go through normal Paypal payment for which there is many instructional videos on the web.

    Alternatively, they can set up or use their existing PayPal account and send any amount they choose to this email address -at-

    They will get a normal PayPal receipt showing evidence of their donation.

    Thanks again to any contributions.


    Bob Greenyer

  4. obviously like your website however you have to check
    the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very
    troublesome to inform the reality on the other hand I’ll certainly come back again.

  5. Thank you Heath…
    That is why I do it and that is why I work so hard :)

    Love / Dr Bob

  6. I’m wondering where the picture was from.. because I am searching the information about the hubble deep field. If you are ok, please let me know! ^^


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