Dr Bob Log: November 22, 2013: Planet Earth

Now a days it seems Thorium is a big topic, its being promoted everywhere on the Internet, movies are being made about it and chance are you have come across  some sensational articles about it while reading your news paper failing to mention that this technology produces deadly radioactive gasses as a side effect.

Nuclear Scientists claims its the energy of the future and there seems to be quite a lot of money going into marketing this technology at the moment all though its very far from something we can use today.


Eight Gram of Thorium could theoretically power a car for 100 years, not only that, Thorium is 3 times more abundant than Uranium and posses a slightly smaller threat to all life on planet earth if we where to utilize it in our power plants.

A lot of attention is also focused on how dense this material is which is very , very important!



I think we all can agree that  if we are gonna kill ourselves and make the world uninhabitable for future generations
it is imperative that we use a dense material to achieve that!

waste, nuclear waste, radioactive waste,

Totally safe storage of waste due to high density wooden log technology!


“developing a new method of automotive propulsion with one of the most dense materials known in nature: thorium. Because thorium is so dense it has the potential to produce tremendous amounts of heat. The company has been experimenting with small bits of thorium, creating a laser that heats water, produces steam and powers a mini turbine.”



Thorium Reactors does not create Plutonium

WoW! That sounds super safe to me!!! But I am skeptic. After Tsjernobyl the Nuclear Industry told the world that todays reactor was much safer because they use a completely new Fission Technology, and then came an even worse accident in Japan!

“Yes, that is true but that was three years ago, today things are totally different! The reactors in Japan was old and unreliable but this new form of Nuclear Fission will be very very safe!” 
Oh did I also mention that Thorium have a  higher melting point and thermal conductivity“.

Really? A Fission Power Plant that uses fuel with a higher thermal conductivity than Fukushima and Tsjernobyl – while having a higher melting point. I dont know why that is relevant  but the positive tone you use when telling me this make me initiatively think its something very positive!  Why did we not use that in the first place?

That is a really good question, I am glad you asked me!  No signature is needed  because we have already deducted the cost to cover this campaign from your tax money and added a small sum on your energy bill. Also we created a ridiculously expensive, pointless and  futuristic looking concept car that will never  make it to the market to divert your attention!

Can we not use the Thorium in Cold Fusion devices instead to produce energy without creating deadly radioactive gases?  I heard that 15 year old kids have been doing this at home and then posted videos of it to YouTube?

Oh you should not listen to that nonsense, Cold Fusion it unreliable, dangerous, decentralized, causes cancer, makes cows bark and dogs moo, disorients hockey players, etc. etc. 





thorium car, fission,

Yes a Thorium car can theoretically be made, but will it be as safe as it is dense?
And do we really care about the density if it produces radioactive gases?

At this point that is a very big ???

Today there are 3 types of vehicles that are allowed to use extremely dangerous (and dense) propulsion materials:

  • Submarines
  • Air Craft Carriers
  • Satellites


“Off planet” you are also allowed to use fission, for example in Robots we send to the Moon or Mars.

Submarines and Air Craft Carriers can be sunk to the bottom of the ocean if there are a safety issue and the satellites burns when crashing against the Atmosphere of our planet thus very safely releasing the dense radioactive material back into our environment and eco-system. Fail


russel brand, skull,


I will be honest, compared to Uranium or a Hyper Nova Explosion – Yes, Thorium is  much safer,  but -
Just like any other dense radioactive substances Thorium will pollute our food and our drinking water.

Cold Fusion Energy can be produced without pollution or radiation with only Nickel and Hydrogen as fuel.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe
Nickel is the 6th most abundant element on the planet

Why not stop wasting time and resources on Fission and try something else? 



So what have we learned today?


  • Creating Thorium Reactors is unnecessary and pointless
  • Mexico is not 1 billion degrees hot during summertime
  • Thorium Fission Reactors are less deadly than Uranium Fission Reactors ^ ^
  • Density = Mass over Volume
  • “Thorium is very dense”


Feel free to disagree and make up your own mind!


Dense Regards / Bob Mihajlovski



3 Responses to “Thorium is Sooo Dense”

  1. We live in a world where we alreadybso long had the chance tosolve all our basic needs… wake up!

  2. alain samoun says:

    Two reports to read that will show that Thorium reactors are not the solution to our energy problems like the nucleocrates want you to believe:
    Report from Faiwinds.org
    Report from Norway

    • Mr Samoun

      These reports goes against everything I have been told about Thorium. I sure hope they never go through with producing Thorium Cars!

      I think our children deserves the very best and right now we are not giving it to them.

      Thank you for the articles!

      / DB

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