The world’s greatest Radio Hosts, Tom & Doug, has released yet another exclusive interview with Inventor Andrea Rossi in honor of his birthday, June 03.

Andrea is apparently interviewed over the phone from the Shipping Container that he retrofitted into a mini power plant- which is now undergoing rigorous tests at an undisclosed customers location.

Lately Andrea has spent around 18 hours a day in the shipping container, however it is unclear if this is necessary to carry out his work, or if earlier life experiences somehow acclimatised him to being confined in really small spaces.



Lately Andrea Rossi has seemed more relaxed and upbeat than usual.
He has been making a lot new friends and important connections lately, - maybe that’s why!

Some people are afraid of unleashing the amazing power of Cold Fusion -
They do not want change and worry about how the world will change when we do – but the truth is that the world is what we make it, so we should always strive towards positive change.

If we want good things to happen, they will!


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