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It seems there are not one, but many alternative energy technologies that produces mysterious excess energy, and other anomalies such as “transmutations” (the formation of new elements). I have therefor teamed up with German looking cat Misa to produce a little video introduction.

The reason I want to introduce other energy technologies than Cold Fusion to my readers have to do with a very simple question:
“Could some of these technologies share some kind of mechanism that allows them to produce excess energy”?

The online community has already tried to unify HHO and Cold Fusion once, but gave up as they could not get their project of the ground. The setup they built simply didn’t work. (It had a cool feature though, every time you wanted to turn the device of, you had to evacuate the laboratory, as it would backfire and explode).




Dark Fusion? 

While everything is pretty much shrouded in uncertainty at this moment, I can tell you this – there is people out there with technology that potentially could compete with Andrea Rossi and his Ecat in terms of efficiency, using a new recipe, without infringing on his patents or ideas.


Cold Fusion Research in Asia:



As for our next video we are making a little update about cold fusion research in Asia –  trailer:




3 Responses to “Top 5 energy technologies you did not knew existed”

  1. So why are they called alternative energy technologies?

    I hope the reason is not the same as with alternative medicine: if it worked it would.be called just medicine.

    Are you a con-fusinonist or just a believer, Bob?

    • Dear Skelleton,

      Let me steer this discussion into a more intelligent direction.

      Solar Power for example, which I am myself a big proponent of, is considered an Alternative Energy. Surely you are not trying to make the argument that the sun is not real!

      So maybe we should not focus to much about names, but more on the useful potential applications of technologies that can provide an alternative to burning fossil fuel.

      Surely even you understand that we one day will run out of dead plants and animals to incinerate, which Is how we today power our factories, schools, hospitals and homes.

      You see, I believe that Information and Technology can solve our problems and make our world a better place.

      Information is the basis from where we draw our believes, and take decisions. Technology is the innovation where we use abstract knowledge and create out of it something with concrete usefulness, such as faster computers, better medication etc

      Now I am not saying my information is superior to others, but I believe that all information should be available, so that we can choose from it, what we decide to believe in.

  2. Good points, Dr Bob!

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