“I had rebuilt my experimental airplane, and I was installing a parachute in it, looking forward to using it more.” / TD  

I am not going to lie, the smog lingers thick over Cold Fusion at the moment.  (Yes, a serious and honest blog post from Dr. Bob)

What I refer to is the new generation Nickel-based technology that companies are trying to commercialise, not the Palladium based technology that is foremost being studied at institutes.  Because information is scarce and very unreliable, until it can be verified the discussions are getting polarised into two camps, for and against.  A few people take the “we don’t have all information so we have to wait and see” approach and for now, I’ll be joining that camp.



While this blog does not have a lot of readers, I personally believe that it has the value to influence both opinions as well sometimes the outcome of a situation. With a few exceptions, I have been good at predicting the future. For example, I predicted that Jeb Kush would be pushed out of the US Elections within days of it happening. I not only predicted the Dog Bone, but also the  X-cat and that it would produce light eons before Andrea Rossi allegedly started to work on it in the first place.


One thing I am a bit sad about is the equation for a successful LENR launch:

Money  - Technology – Influence – Power


* Industrial Heat should be competent to raise funding
* Working with Rossi they should be in position of great technology
* Connections into Hollywood and extremely influential marketing enterprises
*  Power…….. political power


donald trump cold fusion




Cherokee / Industrial Heat knows how to play the political game.  (They really do!)
For those who has followed the story it is known that Tom Darden seems to have been brokering deals with top political world leaders.

In America they are having an election year – meaning they will choose who to take over for Obama.
As it looks right now Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is fighting for the republication candidate vote, while Hillary Clinton seems to be the democratic favorite.

Here goes the reasoning behind my equation -

* The E-cat technology, if it works is powerful enough to change the outcome of any election.
* Hillary acts as if she is bought by the establishment while Donald Trump feeds on controversy
* I have explained earlier that any candidate can win the election by offering the people a “free energy device”.
* There is a connection between Donald Trump and Cherokee (They’ve done business together)


NewYork Times – Trumps steps in as partner for troubled Meadowlands project


So – we did have a potential recipe for Epic World Domination (looks like we are missing some ingredients)


* Maybe a slow roll out is the right thing to do
* Maybe claims of efficiency and control at some occasions has been overstated
* Maybe power brokers are taking decisions that will benefit them while positioning themselves for a new economy



2 Responses to “The Trump Connection -”

  1. James Rovnak says:

    I think the Oil Oligarchy is / was at work to take Rossi’s E-Cat power invention & Trump may be involved? Reading “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer which sheds much light on how Koch brothers & other millionaires brought the USA while we slept! Let’s wake up this fall & Vote the bad guys out while we still can! Godes & Mills should be careful also? IMHO Jim

  2. Lol I really like the premise and thinking in this blog post.

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