The Twilight Zone Cold Fusion

Is Cold Fusion a threat to our survival or a chance to increase our life quality?

There is an old episode of the Science Fiction series Twilight Zone about Cold Fusion. The device is called “Gemini” and it`s basically a weapon of mass destruction that could end all life on earth if detonated. It`s true that Cold Fusion Energy is extremely potent and there has been articles that spread fear that this technology could lead to shoebox sized nuclear weapons.

Can we use Cold Fusion to develop weapons?

Yes, most certainly.

Sadly enough, weapons research is one of the most biggest accelerators behind technological advancements within fields such as lasers, aviation, rockets, informational technology, communication, nuclear power, bio technology etc



My friend once had the opportunity to speak with Dalai Lama about Cold Fusion and asked if technology was either a good or a bad thing and Dalai Lama answered that “technology is neither Good or Bad, it`s all about how we use the technology“.

It is true that we could make bombs from Cold Fusion but 25 years of research have shown that they would not be nearly as horrible as conventional Nuclear Weapons. First of all there is no radioactive substances produced by Cold Fusion, or at least the amounts are so small we are struggling to measure the radiation because of interference from radiation produced by our own bodies and background radiation that exists naturally everywhere on this planet.

Also, nuclear bombs rely on “Chain Reactions” that releases huge amounts of energy. That`s one of the reasons nuclear power is so dangerous because these reactions are extremely hard to control or reverse.  A Cold Fusion reaction however only takes place under very specific and finely tuned conditions and if we disrupt the medium in which the reactions takes place the reaction will stop spontaneously.


The Twillight Zone - Cold Fusion


There is a common belief  (especially within the scientific community) that “free energy” would cause the end of civilization as we know it. This is however very stigmatic and rarely spoken about in public

The world is currently a bit over populated as we do not manage our natural resources very well. Water for example is constantly rising in price as our access to it decreases rapidly. In finance there is a saying that “Water is the new oil” and according to a CIA report the access to water will be the biggest cause of nations to enter into wars with each other within just a few years.

In order to preserve our way of life in the west we need to cut down the growth of global  population and if we do not do so ourselves by killing each others in war, nature will take care of that itself, for example through deceases.


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Statistics shows that wherever life quality and education increases the growth of population decreases. (Japan, North America and parts of Europe) With Cold Fusion we could increase the life quality immensely all over the planet and clean water would be a piece of cake because we could extract water from the atmosphere, drill for vast resources pocketed deep underground, or desalinate seawater.


There is certainly no lack of water here on  planet earth, the lack of clean water is actually just like most other problems related to inefficient ways of producing energy.




I see Cold Fusion as a weapon of mass disruption which can increase life quality for every person on this planet. Psychopaths will be using it to develop weapon but there is no indications it will be nearly as deadly as weapons that exists today. With cheap and green energy there will be no need to fight each other for otherwise scarce resources so humans will have more time to spend there life in a meaningful and peaceful coexistence and find time to educate themselves.

Cold Fusion won’t cause the end of civilisation, at this moment (together with future advances in Solar Energy) it provides the best chances to secure our survival. The people who fear that Clean and Cheap energy could damage our world should consider the almost certain death and mass depopulation that has already started occurring due to Nuclear Power and Fossil Fuel.

I think we could start with Geo-Engineering the deserts into lush prime real estate with desalinated sea water and plant millions of hemp plants that can soak up the CO2 in our atmosphere that contributes to global warming.


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What do you think?

Is cheap and clean energy a good or bad thing? 





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  1. We learned from Marshall McLuhan that technology is an extension of us; technology is us. Knowing the effects of the things we make can help alter the consequences through awareness and mitigation. But we have to choose to do so.

    • Yes – Just as we are within the Universe, the Universe is within us.

      This interconnection means that the Universe is aware of its own
      existence through us and that we are apart of everything as well.

      I think that consciousness might be just as important as the other forces of nature but Im just gonna shut up and go to my blanket before someone hits me on the noose with a rolled up newspaper.

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