Upgrade X

Thinks are not going my way at the moment….

Two weeks of fever, at least I got my voice back so I can bark at people.

We have run into some legal problems causing delays to the next demonstration I am involved in. Its a good thing I am a dog, people are more understanding when I can not live up to my promises and timeframes. When the same thing happens to other laboratories people get angry and disappointed.

I guess I get away with a lot more than people does…

We have prepared everything for 2 sets of demonstrations but we need some permissions to move forward. Hopefully the people who will benefit from this technology can give us a bit of help to overcome this little issue.


I also had an accident while experimenting with Nitrous Oxide…  a plastic component of the gas canister brook and I got some freeze burns on my paw. That was really stupid!!!

On the positive side – we had the chance to make some upgrades on one of our Cold Fusion devices and scale up the efficiency a few orders of magnitude but for every problem we solve however we create 10 new sets of problems. Basically the laboratory became very hot to work in.

We managed to address this issue with experience from other laboratories I managed in the past that had similar issues. I spent a few dollars on a “GrowTent”. It`s basically an Air and Light Proof grow area built for maximizing ROI of smaller indoor gardens.

With these tents its very easy to hook up an industrial fan and efficiently extract excess heat.


For now, pictures of the Upgrade X is only available for selected chosen ones.


Congratulations to clean energy enthusiast Sterling Allan who just turned 50.
I wish all the best for you and your family on your birthday and that your dream soon comes true.


starwars, jabba the hutt,


Hopefully tomorrow I can wake up without a fever so I can go out and play with my friends in the park a bit. I could really use to be around the ones I love a bit.


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