Water as fuel – Flying Cars

 Water as fuel – Flying Cars


“water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen of which it is constituted will be used” / Jules Verne 1874

This clip is taken from the movie Iron Man 2 featuring Elon Musk from Tesla Cars speaking with the fictional flamboyant playboy billionaire Tony Stark. Tony Stark has developed a palladium powered “fusion” reactor that enables him to fly around in his Iron Man suit.


 “good idea for an electric jet

Is this a hint about Cold Fusion? Well it sure could be and this is not the first time I write about this. I actually had the opportunity to speak to some of the people producing the movie after my last blog post. These people had done some visual effects and they spoke during a workshop  about how they predicted the future technologies featured in the movie.

I was interested to know about their source of inspiration for the Arc Reactor so I asked one of them about it. I had put a picture of a Cold Fusion device behind me and I moved slightly so he could see it while asking him about it. He starred with dilated pupils on the picture behind me while answering as under hypnosis “ehm I do not know, ehm I was not involved in that part of the movie”.



Richard Branson from Virgin Airlines is another person I have tried very hard to reach out to. “What industry is next for you, what would you like to change up next”?Well all the profits we make from our airlines were putting into developing fuels ehh which will be 100% clean. ehm

People who remember the early days of Fleischmann and Pons would often say that in 100 years we will use water as fuel and people will be driving flying cars. Video like these sure raises a few interesting questions about hints in the media.





It seems now that both Dr Michio Kaku and Elon Musk have taken notice about the prospect of flying cars.
Can we develop them without a negative environmental impact?

Should I reach out to Terrafugia who is building flying cars and ask them about it?



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  1. curbina says:

    It was obvious for me while watching Iron Man that the use of palladium in the energy device powering the suit was a hint and a nod aimed to all of us who know about Cold Fusion.

    Other movies with these obvious hints are Chain Reaction (featuring Keanu Reeves, and a device eerily similar to the early Blacklight Power prototypes), The Saint (Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Sue) and, more recently, Kight and Day (Tom Cruise and Cameron Díaz). This last one actually attempted to make cold fusion seem unpredictable and dangerous.

    So, for those of us paying attention, Hollywood always have some clues…


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