Located close to Russia and often confused with Switzerland, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to live.

Because Sweden very soon might play a much more central role on the Cold Fusion chart, let’s learn a little bit about the country:


1: Nature:
Sweden has a beautiful nature with lakes, majestic forest, rivers and in the north a really high mountain called Kebnekaise.  The topography is quite uneven and rocky so building a motorway can be 10x more expensive than other parts of Europe. The winter gets really really icy and cold while the Swedish summer (known as the best day of the year) gets very temperate and sunny. Most population is located in the south part of the country.


2: Snow Indians
In the far north, Sweden has snow Indians. They are known as´”Samer”. They make their living from breeding raindeers and live in tents called tipis.




3: The welfare
It is said that Sweden has one of the highest living standards in the world, but also one of the highest taxes. This is not true. First of all, the extremely high living standard is a myth as many countries has surpassed Sweden, as long as you do not measure living standards in the speed of their broadband, because if so, yes, Swedish internet is several times cheaper, while better, than that of other countries. If one compares the tax in Sweden with, lets say, the tax in the United Kingdom, it would seem like you pay more in Sweden, but that is not the case. In the United Kingdom, after paying your income tax you have to pay an additional 12% for your national health insurance, about 1000 euros a year in council (rent) tax and they even add silly taxes such as “bedroom tax” for houses that have more than one bedroom.


4: The music
Sweden has state funded schools teaching music to young students, and they produce more hits per capita than any other country in the world. Many songs you will hear on American radio and top chart has been written and produced by Swedes, songs performed by Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys etc. In the past, Sweden was known for Abba and Carola, but nowadays are known for electronic dance music, house and metal with artists such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Inflames and Sabaton.



5: Vikings
The Swedes has a rich and proud heritage building upon Nordic mythology. Empowered by their Gods and magic mushrooms the Swedes navigated the seas, conquering foreign lands. Known for might in battle, plundering, and rape, Swedes are often ashamed of their cultural heritage, but there were some good things to the Viking culture as well. For example women and men were equals, fighting beside each other in battle, sharing equally the spoils. Honestly, if not for their superiorty in battle and strength, any other culture back in those days would probably have done the same, regardless of religion.





6: Education
Sweden has great education teaching the young to think independent and open minded, always questioning themselves and authority.  Because of this, Sweden has great thinkers, great scientists, great engineers and a fairly well-functioning society. Education is free in Sweden. Young students don’t have to pay for their school dinner and the university students don’t have to pay for their education. Truly, in Sweden, almost anyone can attend the university if they really want.


7: Language
Everyone in Sweden speaks at least two languages but it is very common to have as well a third or even fourth language.  English is considered a second language, not because people speak English to each other, but because everyone knows how to. The Swedes don’t dub their tv or video games so the kids learn from an early age. As a third language, people speak intermediate Spanish, German or French. In the north of Sweden, in parts that most of you will never bother to visit, it is also common to speak Finish.


8: The cuisine
The Swedes are not gourmets, they prefer proper normal food such as meatballs, spaghetti, potatoes, reindeer, wild boar,  moose, pork, beef, eggs, milk and salad. They also eat lots of fruits and berries such as lingonberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples,  strawberries and carrots. In the summer, there have special parties when crayfish and herring are served together with Swedish Ale beer or Vodka.


9: Alcohol and drugs
In Sweden, it is not socially accepted to drink wine during your lunch or to chill out at the local bar after work. If you do one of these two things, you’re considered an alcoholic. You won’t find corner shops were alcohol is sold, because the state has a monopoly on selling alcohol, so you have to visit special malls called “systembolaget” to purchase your very expensive booze.


10: The brat culture and greasers
The brat culture is a Swedish thing were “stekare” meats at overly priced bars, clubs and restaurants to snort cocaine and compete with each other who can spend the most money on Champagne. The opposite sub-culture is that of the raggare (greasers), they dress in jeans and drive around in crappy old cars in the suburbs, farting and showing their ass to people through the windshield.  Now that you know these two concepts are deep rooted parts of the Swedish culture you might ask yourself “what are they good for”, well nothing really, they just don’t have better things to do.




11: Fear of Russians
In Sweden, people are really afraid of “Ryssen”(The russian). They think us Russians will attack their borders any day now (which does not make sense). Because of this, Sweden still has a military. It is a common thing to read in the news that within 10 years Sweden might be in war with Russia. This is only true if Sweden joins Nato and provocate Russia with embargoes, weapons deals, espionage, etc  NATO has made a huge effort to include the nordic countries. Norway which has oil has for understandable reasons been an ally for a long time, while Sweden and Denmark slowly are being gold-fish-cooked into an alliance. You know this because the last leaders of NATO has been ex-premier ministers of Denmark and Norway. Having good intelligence, via NATO, the Nordics has on a high level obviously as You can understand been following Cold Fusion for quite some time. They even made some deals with their citizens tax-money based on insider knowledge of LENR – NOT in the benefit of their taxpayers.



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