I’ve seen over the last couple of days a lot of disinformation going around on the Internet so let’s set the record straight, shall we?  First of all - I’m not alternative energy advocate Sterling Allan, and I’m not “snake healer” Jeffrey Hinchey.

I don’t live in a van, and I don’t pretend to be able to predict lotto numbers (all though I could if I wanted).  And yeah, just because I happen to speak your freaking language, does not necessarily mean that I was born in your freaking country.



First of all if you look at my pictures, you can clearly see that I’m a dog, not a human. It’s all very simple, but let’s go through it all again.

My name is Dr Bob Mihajlovski. I’m a scientist cloned in a Russian  underground research facility in the future. Cloning humans are illegal in the future, so the scientists had to use at least 50% shi-tzu DNA. Because the scientists used dog DNA I sometimes suffer from some unintended side effects, for example an obsession of sleeping on top of peoples shoes. After I was brought back to life I travelled back in time, using a time machine looking very much  like an ordinary washing machine.


Many people ask me why I even bothered to travel back in time in the first place,  and the truth is that I want to change the space-time continuum. You see, in the future I come from, Cold Fusion was not invented, and because of that, people used up all the world’s resources, and then started fighting for whatever was left. There are no tree’s, no fish in the oceans and the sky is always grey. The time we live in right now is really an important time, one where we must take important, bold and difficult decisions, – or  suffer the consequences.

That’s why I’m here guys, to help you all!


dr bob cold fusion,



Being a dog and a scientist at the same time is really really challenging, but as with everything that is difficult, it can still be done, if you really really set your mind to it! While it is true that some people don’t take me serious just because I’m a dog and all that, I do have some advantages. If you have read my blog for some time now you’ll know that I have installed a mind control device in the international space station. I use it mostly to make un-practical jokes that no one really understands.
The last thing I want to set the record straight about is whether I’m a troll  taking credit for other peoples inventions and ideas, or not. (Like that Italian guy).  At the end of the day, your world will be whatever you think it is, soo it’s really up to you to decide that for yourself! If you ask me, I’d say that reality is more amazing than our imagination could ever comprehend.



Dr Bob Mihajlovski




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