Dr Bob Visits MIT

Where Is Dr Bob???

Hi Everybody, this is Dr Bob!

I went to Boston, and I am proud to present that I am the first Shih-tzu in the world to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) which is rated as the Nr 1 University on planet earth.

I went here for a 101 on Cold Fusion together with Prof Hagelstein and Dr Mitchell Schwartz, two of the worlds leading experts.

One of the reasons I went here was to ask about a few theories, as well as to do research for my own Electrolytic Cold Fusion Experiment.

LANR “Lattice assisted Nuclear Reactions” is Dr Schwartz and Prof Hagelsteins preferred label on Cold Fusion. So for that reason I will not write LENR.



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Day 1 with Dr Mitchell Schwartz: 28 January 2013

There was 20  attendees of the 101.
Average age was about 50 year and only because I draw everybody down.

The lecture started with a small summon up, why we need LANR / Cold Fusion:
It does not release Carbon Dioxide or contribute to the GreenHouse Effect.

We where learning how to read diagrams and graphs showing experimental data and a lot of time was put into how the excess heat is measured beyond every doubt. For example thermometers measure from the outside not to create contamination of samples / reactors.

There is often double set up of measuring gears as well as control systems.
(You would do two experiments, one boiling water with electrodes not leading to Cold Fusion such as Iron. And one where you boil the water with electrodes that does lead to Cold Fusions such as Palladium(Pd) or Nickel(Ni).

When making the experiments to prove to 3rd party observers they have up to 6 independent ways of measuring the Cold Fusion Excess Heat.

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Interesting facts:

  • The Water Hagelstein & Schwartz uses costs 3000 Dollar / Liter
  • They do NOT ionize the solutions/Water
  • Dr Schwartz claimed that the effect does NOT take place in Cracks in the Metals. Cracks leads to Large Bubbles that diminish / turn off the effect because it is leading heat / Deuderons out of the Metal. Instead the reactions takes place in “VACANCIES” in the Metals.
  • “The production of Helium4 is in quantitative agreement with the observed generated excess heat.” (Fusing Deuterium + Deuterium Gives  Helium 4 + Excess heat and is in perfect correlation to E=mc2)
  • There are many different regions in the Alloys where the excess heat takes effect.
  • The Current and Voltage Accuracy has to be extremely precise. This is refereed to as the OOP, “Optimal Operating Point”.

“Control, Control, Control, Control
If We Do That We Get Super Data”


So how much Excess Heat Release are we talking about?

Prof Hagelstein and Dr Schwartz gets 270% Excess Heat when using a “Phusor”.
Since 2012 they are getting constant about COP 40 (4000%) when using nano materials.  They can go all the way to 8000% Excess Heat but when they did that they melted their Cathodes / reactors.

What is a “Nanor” & why is it better?

NANOR is a dry Cold Fusion Cathode made from Zirconium and Paladium that is pre activated that Dr Schwartz & co invented. It works much better because it creates a electric field that is better suited for Cold Fusion / LANR experiments.

Electric fields draws the Deuderons towards the Metal (Paladium). The Deuderons will either go into the Metal (Winning) or rise upward with the gas bubbles. (FAIL)

The electric field of the Nanor is more efficient in drawing the Deuderons into the Metal.
(Also there is a lot of problems with contamination when using a Phusor)


What Energy Input Levels Is Hagelstein & Schwarts working with?

Their voltage is 10ths  to 100ths of volt  and a fraction of a MilliAmp.
Other researchers in the field tends to use 2-10 volts and High Ampere.

Schwartz and Hagelstein is using Pd (Palladium) simply because they do not get so high energy levels when using Ni(Nickel)


“Lack of funding is one of the biggest problem in the field . There is no limit to the amount of test we could do if we had the funding”.

Dr Schwartz also discussed “Heat After Death”. The phenomena where heat is being released after the machines has been turned off.
This “Tardive”(late) energy seems to be in relation to how much the Palladium have been loaded.  (Guess: Also which regions of the Palladium that have been activated and how deeply they are located)

“In order to get Cold Fusion at all you have to achieve no less than 86% loading.”


Let me know if you have any questions
/ Peace & Love,  Dr Bob



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32 Responses to “Dr Bob Visits MIT”

  1. If fundings and optimal operating point is reached with control etc. Could we immagine we will all in the future just have a little cold fusion machien at home, or will it be only safe on bigger scales like reactors nowadays?

    • Dear Nicolai,

      You could imagen that we should all have had a lite cold fusion device at home 10 years ago. Fusing on Hydrogen in room temperature was achieved already 1912 in Sweden.

      Safety Certification is a huge issue, especially @ home. One of the reasons t.ex is that reactors tend to produce heat even after you turn them off.

      Another issue is that the powers that be does not seem very interested in promoting Cold Fusion in favor for other forms of energy that is dirty and expensive.

      Did that answer your question?

      Peace / Dr Bob

    • T Lee Buyea - Fla. News Service says:

      Why is it if you have these devices working to test, That you do not start designing production models instead of asking for more money to do more tests ?
      There should be 20+ giant corporations willing to work together and fund designing a home or commercial model that they would manufacture.

      • I think that is a very good question!

        I think that maybe Hagelstein & Schwartz is more interested in finding the underlying physics and that they are not so much in to commercialization(?) However they are really going the extra mile over and over again to spread out their data and their research for other researchers and they probably work along with other organisations / people wanting to do just that. That how I perceived them. Very generous. There is companies designing home & commercial models for mass manufacturing but the “giant corporations” are silent, however that does not mean that they are not for that reason working with it.

        Mitsubishi, Toyota and Boeing is bigger companies that supposedly work with Cold Fusion. Soo there is at least a few to my knowledge that are willing to take the risk…

        Lets hope 4 sure there will be more of them.

        They have produced 6 versions of their Nanor and they are continuously improving them. Dr Schwartz did mention that they are “working on a bigger Nanor”.

        That Nanor might be more suitable for commercial applications.(?) I will try to raise the question with him later on to clarify!


        • bluebatch says:

          This technology is still only scratching the surface of “proof of concept”. What a production model will ultimately be, is open for wild speculation. Basically – folks still barely understand how it works, and as that awareness begins to emerge, more and more will it become a good device to put into widespread production.The production units may well be vastly more efficient than the 8000% that MIT has hit once or twice. And still, as this point, we just have a better way to boil water.

  2. Surely if they can control the level of heat given off between 200% and 4000% then this constitues enough control to deem this a functional method of energy production now?

  3. Interesting report.

    The claimed COP of phusor and nanor is very interesting. the claim of good relation between He4 and helium is too…

    • Charles Stewart Jr says:

      Had the good doctors called it NanuNanu instead of Nanor, the entertainment world would have taken notice and attributed it to alien help. Money would have flown in.

      I apologize, but I had to toss that in!

  4. Bernie Koppenhofer says:

    Do you have any idea what the “phusor” is or how it works? Thanks.

  5. Did Dr. Hagelstein mention whether or not MIT is offering more support of the research? Such important breakthroughs and not a peep out of the University. MIT’s image continues to decline in my estimation, with the exception of the truly exceptional and independent minded scientist like Dr. Hagelstein and Dr. Eugene Mallove it seems the University is committed to undermining progress in general as well as trying to cover up its doing so.

    • Dear Becktemba

      Well Dr Mitchell Schwarts was not saying that MIT wasn’t but he spoke about the need for funding. “There is no end to how many experiments we could do if we had funding.” Mitchell and Peter actually took down some new ideas that resulted out of questions from the participators. But in general Schwartz was saying that much of his reasearch came out of own pocket as well and I know that they are looking for sponsors/money. One “guardian angel” was mentioned and they also spoke about pitches they had done for a specific company that would not found it because they thought that after hearing about it that “no usefull application will ever come out of this”.

      If you ask me, every new area of science that yields new data should be explored! And especially Cold Fusion!

      • bluebatch says:

        MIT gets a lot of funding I am sure from well established large industries. They may not like these LANR discoveries, and not only would not fund, would threaten other program funding – overtly or covertly – if this research continues. It’s astounding really that MIT has gotten this far. And as an institution, they are probably in a really tough place.
        What might be a good strategy is the argument that if MIT does not develop this, some other university might. Like China, India, Iran or a local State college. This might steel Dartmouth’s resolve and have them move forward. Damn the corporations! Full speed ahead!

        • Go China! :)
          Seriously, If I had some money I would gladly chip in… to bad I dont…

          • If there was any justice, MIT itslef would be razed to the ground, if only as a symbol to future generations of scientists that this kind of intellectual corruption & cowardice will no longer be tolerated! These spineless so-called intellectual-elite fraudulently buried LENR more than 2 decades ago no doubt at the behest of BigOil and all for the sake of money. Whatever happened to the scientific principle? And the many individual scientists involved should never be allowed to work in this field again either let them go out and find a real job’, since they are at best incompetent, but more likely, corrupt & depraved and more than ready to do the bidding of the highest briber The sentiment expressed here of Wow, isn’t it great that the almighty MIT seems ot be acknowledging the reality of CF is also disheartening CF/LENR was a reality 20+ years ago, so think how much better off the world would be now had it been allowed to have been developed then! It is this continued weak-minded reverence to institutions like these that only contributes to our enslavement And I’m sure Rossi is well aware of the role that MIT played in burying CF 20 years ago so why on earth would he be proud of being endorsed by this lot in particular? A paltry Nobel Prize for what he has achieved will be poor recompense.

            • sadly it is very common, and we will be short of scientist if burning the fraudulent, the coward, the submissive, the stoneheaded, the intellectually limited….
              moreover as the story of LASER/MASER prove, the greatest rebel of one period, might became the next generation of lord of truth blocking innovation…

              add to that, with the example of how Miley was ridiculed by LENR scientist on NiH research, that closed mindness and sticking to theory is a fact in all group, even the heretic themselves.

            • + 20 Years Ago I was not around.
              Also the Internet was not as wide spread as it is now.

  6. I wonder if their methods are scaleable? If they are getting 4000% to 8000 OU, who needs Rossi?? We just need to duplicate their work!!

    We need this tech in the field now…..

    • Their nano constitutes of a nano material weighing only 35 milligram “with the Zirconium” included. The size is 1 square centimeter.. Today it cost 100 000 dollar to make one… “it would be greate to be able to produce them for 100 dollar each and then distribute them”…

      • bluebatch says:

        I think $100 a unit is conceivable. However – that is the last thing the oil companies and the utilities want. It may first be easier “politically” to make these into utility-scale replacements for coal-fired boilers. Then the utilities would support the R&D and buy them. They have already suggested as much. This drives a wedge between the utilities and the fossil fuel guys, not such a bad thing all in all.

        • Gilberto says:

          Yes T Lee, I wish it was different, too. I wish I had mine puinpmg clean electricity so I dilly-daddle around the Noosphere at my leisure. But things didn’t work out that way. This has been twenty-three years coming. Mr. Rossi stumbled upon the secret sauce, had his University scientists confirm it, and now he is developing a technology. You do not get to determine his path, only your own.Are you following the news? He is changing the design to run at 600C? Do you want a stable, well-engineered device, or do you want a first proto-type? Would you have bought the first airplane from the Wright Bros? Would you have bought the very first gas-powered stove? Did you run out and get the first LASIC laser eye surgery???I do not agree that your timeline is correct. I do not agree that he owes you a device right now. You want to harp on the fact that you don’t have a mass-produced Ecat a year-and-a-half after his first public demonstration. I find that unreasonable. I am being patient, and I suggest you be patient, too. There are other companies to fixate on as well. But you choose Leonardo because of Mr. Rossi’s personality. I suggest you focus more on the development of the technology, and of course, Cold Fusion Now offers you an easy platform for jabs.If you really want to complain about something, start harping to the Miami city council about the city infrastructure? Where are the upgrades? Why are the pipelines carrying water unfixed and busing out every big rain? Why are the sewers crumbling? Why is the ocean water polluted? Why are the canals filled with trash? Get off the computer and DO something for your community that actually makes a difference. Complaining about these needed changes would be much more productive of your time than posting jabs at a revolutionary technology.If you insist on sitting and typing, go to SpaceportAmerica.com and tell Richard Branson that his company is two years behind schedule and you want your ride now. I’m sure that will help about as much as you are helping the cause for clean energy that is!Is there nothing else you can do to support clean energy from cold fusion/LENR/LANR? Can you put your mind to supporting the dozens of scientists who have been insulted and ignored for two decades while you where enjoying the beautiful Miami sunshine? Can you do something to help as opposed to typing your disappointment? In comparison, it just doesn’t solicit any sympathy.

    • Its just a questions of resources such as money and time.
      One Nanor was running continuously at MIT for 1 year creating huge amounts of excess energy.

  7. Ruby it all comes down in the end to quality of life for evebydory.as half the workforce can easily produce everything needed it may one day become clear that the Capitalist way of creating an illusion that evebydory must work and struggle, will be recognized for what it is.A conspiracy for inequality of effort verses return.Every technological advance, Rossi’s E-Cat included, obviously means less work and more time to enjoy life and help others, but Capitalism dictates that one should fear unemployment, and not as it should be, celebrate it.It does not have to be Capitalism versus Communism or any other “ism” but the best of any system that produces the best result for all and not just a select group of inheritors and manipulators.


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