XPRIZE – Forbidden Energy

Ever heard about Google’s “driverless car”?
One things that`s cool about companies such as Google is that they think ahead! The driverless car development programs is NOT about cornering the worlds automotive (car) industry, instead Google wants you to be able to spend more time on  Youtube watching music videos of Rick Ross, Usher & Chris Brown – because thats how they make their money!

IF companies doing Solar Energy and Wind Energy also understood that innovation builds upon innovation they would be fighting with their money for development of Cold Fusion as these technologies seems to open up new applications and markets for their products! *YES*



XPRIZE – Forbidden Energy


XPRIZE is a foundation that uses incentives to drive innovation and radical technological breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. A good example of the industries that have seen the most profound impact from the XPRIZE competitions is the commercial space industry which has been transformed in only a few years to become a multibillion dollar industry with public and private companies such as SpaceX, Planetary Resources and Virgin Galactic.

During May people from all over the world gathered in California for a 3 day long “Visioneering Workshop” to brainstorm what the next XPRIZE should be, and the winner was “Forbidden Energy”. In a video released from that event Barry Thompson specifically mentions Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion.



* Winning the Visioneering Contest does not automatically qualify a topic for the XPRIZE competition. The sponsors and the board of the XPRIZE foundation (?) will take the final decision for the XPRIZE – Which is yet to be announced.

* The founders, sponsors and partners of XPRIZE are individuals & companies that could all benefit greatly economically from a Forbidden Energy competition – there are no obvious conflicting interests.  





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4 Responses to “XPRIZE Forbidden Energy XPRIZE”

  1. I proposed this very prize in the FQXI essay contest, and prior to that, to 2 members of the X prize committee. But some writer chick who engaged in 3 days of wine & cheese is the one they listen to, rather than to an engineer like me.


    • Kevin, you are a very cleaver person.
      Kudos for that!

      Have you followed up on the subject recently?

      If a competition was created, with an approach similar (improved) to the one you suggested, would you yourself compete. Have you been discussing with them on how to move the project forward?

  2. Kevin M O'Malley says:

    Andrea Rossi recently freed up his IP from a lawsuit in Rossi vs. Darden, so he would be free to enter any new “forbidden energy” X prize. Do you know if there’s going to be another?

    • Kevin

      The X-Prize idea is still alive and moving forwards.

      Now recently HeroX, a spinnoff from Xprize did a mini competition to hammer down the outlines for the larger competition, but it was then called the Abundant Energy Xprize.

      The competition was a bit of track by fossil fuel lovers and people who foresee the future being powered by wave energy but I do think that the people who actually are driving forces behind this has a clear vision of a Forbidden type of contest. I’ve not asked about the budget but if I would guess it’s seems it might have been pledged already and could be allocated (?).

      Their problems is rather legal, organisational and there might be some misconceptions of ideas of how different forbidden energy technologies easily can be compared against each other.

      Another problem is that the larger more interesting teams might not want to enter into the competition, those potential high impact technologies such as the E-cat technology. I think the competition need a good roaster, including companies such as Leonardo and Brilliant Light Power etc

      Keep reading, you’ll soon see some nice forbidden technology presented on this page!


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