Zero Point Energy
Evil Twin of Cold Fusion ?


Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is rather hard to explain… the theory behind the science is that every point of space, even in vacuum, contains lots amount of energy which can be extracted.

In Russia where I come from, this is often referred to as, for example, Globular Lightning Overunity, Fireball Plasma Energy Extraction, Quantum Vacuum Zero-Point Energy, ZPE, Thyroid Energy, Plasma Electrolysis, etc



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Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion is often being referred to as the same technology.

I do not agree! My definition of Cold Fusion is that of a reaction(not necessarily fusion) that takes place in the molecular lattice of a metal, such as Nickel, loaded with Hydrogen Atoms- while Zero Point Energy typically takes place in a Plasma.

The king of Zero Point Energy is Mr Kiril Chukanov, a Bulgarian scientist living in Utan. His work does not get much attention because:

  • Zero Point Energy being highly controversial
  • Kiril having insulted various colleagues and journalists
  • Made claims that never came to fruition




Kiril Chukanov and Cold Fusion


Zero Point Energy can today be demonstrated in rather easy to make experiments, however the field is not attracting much attention. It`s looked upon as a interesting, but not rather practical.

Kiril Chukanov is to Zero Point Energy, what Andrea Rossi is to Cold Fusion. He claims to have taken a low energy phenomena and managed to scale this up to something commercial usefull.

While it`s not for me to say if Kiril Chukanov is on to something or not, I mention this because this is all part of Cold Fusion History. Utah is the city where Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons made their announcement of anomalous excess heat production, and Kiril Chukanov was, actually,  one of the first people in the world to work with the technology.

Kiril Chukanov is known for claiming to have the only functioning “free energy technology” that works, and, having seen pictures of him  together with Steven E Jones, one of the main characters responsible for giving Cold Fusion such a bad reputation in America, I am very intrigued to hear more about the story behind all of this – it would make up for a very good interview.


4 Responses to “Zero Point Energy The work of Kiril Chukanov”

  1. I’m in China now, Doktor Bob. More than one year. There is no ZPE. There is violation of the Law of Energy Conservation in the case of ball lightning object. It’s another story than the Utopia about ZPE.
    Kiril Chukanov

    • Hi Kiril,

      Great to hear from you!
      What are you doing in China?

      Sounds like you are having an adventure… but I guess that means that you are not coming to ICCF then…

      I would love to hear more about your QFE sometime – and some other things… eventually we should set up a meeting.

      / DB

  2. Yes, Dr Bob, we could set a meeting with you! I used to work a lot of Cold Fusion.
    Where do you live now?
    In China I’m working now on the creation of industrial QFE (from ball lightning) generators. I have such a generators already. Problems with businessmen, not quit honest people. Like everywhere on thgis planet, private business is a dirty place of human activity. Money, profit, lies.
    Best regards to you!
    Kiril Chukanov

  3. Not even close enough but nice effort

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